How To Build Your Network Marketing Business

It is important you know how to build your Network Marketing business in the correct way and follow our proven system.

  1. Start telling your story.

Stories are a key factor in gaining people’s attention t& getting them to start following you on social media. There are four points to telling your story.

There are four points to telling your story.

– Past

– Pain

– Solution

– Future

The four elements of your story when combined can be very impactful.The more you can tell your story the more real you are to people, always be yourself too.

2.  Create curiosity in your social media posts.

You do not want to give away the movie before you start. Get people intrigued in what you are doing especially when you are brand new to the industry. You may want to start some posts by

You may want to start some posts by talking about the freedom it will bring you, how you are earning extra money around your everyday life, and it is not affecting what you currently do. Sell the Lifestyle of being your own boss or your part time business gives your freedom and more time with family etc. Whatever works best for your story.

3. Two Exposures a day

You need to creating two new people interested in your business exposures a day. That means you need to get 2 new people every day watching your video or getting on a 3-way call with your associated expert.

In this industry, you need to imagine that every call is worth #500 to you whether they say YES or NO to joining your business because if you average out your activity to earnings over the year, every person will be worth #500.

Knowing this now how many exposures a day would you make sure you’ve done to see the video or speaking to your upline to build your business.

4.   Activity

The more activity you can complete on a daily basis, the more confident you become, The more confident you become, the more action you take, The More action you take, the more results you will see, which leads to creating the lifestyle.

Once you have the lifestyle, you can then talk about that on your posts.

This is just one cycle that gets more exciting as you go and tell your story, create the curiosity and take action.

5.  The system you need to follow

When you are about to approach a prospect follow this easy to copy 5 step system,

1)  Peak interest

2) Show the 15 min video

3) 3 – way call

4) Get your prospect on our daily Zoom call

5) Follow-up

Here is the full training so you can get all the details and discover the final steps you need to build your business




2×2 Training Masterclass With Kevin Foster

The Crypto Pro’s Friday night show was graced with the presence of huge industry leader  Kevin Foster.Kevin is truly one of the best servant leaders I have ever met and worked with through my career, he has such a big heart and has vast ray of

Kevin is truly one of the best servant leaders I have ever met and worked with through my career, he has such a big heart and has a vast ray of knowledge and always speaks from the heart with real passion.

In this training, we cover the best way for you to build your business using a 2×2 Binary system.

The idea as you will see in the training is to get two front line people only, then help them get two people. You want to build generations in your team with this system, The deeper you make your team grow, the more money you are able to earn.

This is based on the OneLife Binary system that pays 10 -25%, on your Matching Bonus down till your 4th generation.

If you want to see how the whole Comp plan works, Please Watch Here

To get a real overview how this works, Please watch this training video in full.


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Bitcoin is on the rise. Will we see $10,000 a coin??

What is Bitcoin? –

You have the opportunity to create more wealth in the next 3-5 years than you may have ever done in your lifetime.

A new form of currency is taking the world by storm, and a digital economy is born!!

We live in a digital world, so the next logical step is to have faster and more secure payment system that will change the way we use and transact money forever!!

Wherever there is a phone there is now a bank, You can now transact money through your phone just like sending an email anywhere in the world with practically no fees.

This will help billions of people around the world and will disrupt the banking system just like email disrupted the Postal service.

With only 21 Million coins available and being a fixed supply, the more people become aware of this new currency, the higher the price will be?

Bitcoin started off at just $0.10c and had a phenomenal rise to over $1200 in 2013. Then just a few later it dropped to about $250, and now at the start of 2017 it is back to $1192 and is looking to keep rising for a long time to come yet.


Will we see $10,000 a coin or even more in the coming years??

I think, so yes & top leading industry Experts are saying this will just keep climbing to Thousands of Dollars per coin.

Have a look at what they have to say?

Do not miss the boat of the biggest wealth transfer in our lifetime. To learn more about it please Discover More Here

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The USA just added 100 Billion in debt in 8 hours is Cryptocurrency the solution?

The USA just added 100 Billion in debt in just 8 hrs, which could be catastrophic for the future economy.

They are now 20 Trillion in debt and it will never be able to be paid pack. This is going to be a huge Ripple Effect for generations to come. Cost of living in the USA and around the world will keep rising and products will become more expensive.

You are basically going to have to work harder for less!!

That does not sound very appealing to me. 

Please read the full article from here and see the full details on how the USA may have just crippled the economy!!

Your Government issued currency is failing & failing fast. You are losing value from your money every time a country prints more money.

Now there is a solution and that is called Cryptocurrency.

This is an alternative currency that is finite and can appreciate in value, is debt free, is transparent,

  • Finite Supply
  • Market Priced
  • No Dilution


  • Data encrypted on Blockchain
  • No Identity Fraud
  • Permissionless transactions 


  • Accessed from app or computer
  • No borders
  • Easily converted into fiat currency

Wherever there is a mobile phone there is now a bank, That is what you call a disruption!! This is the biggest invention in economic history since the internet was created. This is going to change the world as we know it!!

Is Cryptocurrency the solution to the debt of the world. Find out more here ..


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What is Cryptocurrency – Watch a live bankless transaction

 The world as we know it is changing and changing fast!! 

We now live in a digital society, and the next logical step is Digital Money.

After the 2008 Economic crash, a white paper appeared from an anonymous called Satoshi Nakamoto. Stating that he created a way for Peer to Peer banking. This means we can now transact money outside of the need for a bank or a third party controlling authoritie & the Financial Revolution began.

This first Cryptocurrency was called Bitcoin, you may have heard of that you may not. Do not worry if you have not 97% of the world haven’t either.

When bitcoin first started, you could purchase them for pennies on the dollar. Then as Bitcoin become more familiar, it gained momentum, and each coin rose to over $12000 a coin becoming the highest returning projects of our lifetime so far!!

This happens because Cryptocurrency is finite and there is only a limited supply. So when the demand is high, the value will rise, as it becomes rarer.

Fast forward today there are hundreds of Cryptocurrencies on the marketplace now, and the industry is really booming,. Experts are now saying this is going to be the biggest invention in economic history since the Internet was born.

I never thought we would be able to say that in my lifetime, but it looks like it is true the more it becomes more popular i can see why that is so.

The banking system is old and takes time and money to send any currency around the world.

Well, now we can transact money instantly just like sending and email and with practically NO FEES too. This is going to change MONEY all over the world.

That is what you call a MULTI-TRILLION DISRUPTION.

The Banking & Financial services have never had competition before, until now. This is going to change our lives forever!!

We want to help you understand how this works and show you how to transact money anywhere in the world in seconds without any bank touching your Money.

Are you ready to become your own bank?

Watch this live bankless transaction. –


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Network Marketing Training – Build your Business With Text Messaging

The way we communicate is entirely different now to how it used to be ten or fifteen years ago.Text messaging has changed the industry of Network Marketing.

Text messaging has changed the industry of Network Marketing.

People have changed the game and the industry by now inviting people via a text rather than a phone call.

New members of any organization may get scared of being on the phones and or may say the wrong thing if not guided correctly.

This is an easy way to build your business fast.

This is how powerful it is if you ring 100 people only 20 may answer or reply ONLY.

If you send 100 texts, you will get 80 Replies.

What is a better way to build your business Phone calls or TEXT ??

All you have to do is ask; if your friend is free for a coffee

Are you free for a coffee?

What is your schedule like next week, fancy a catch-up?

Fancy having Breakfast/lunch/dinner?

It is very easy so keep it simple, and less you say the better.


To get the full training watch this video


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Network Marketing Training – Haylee Pierce Stutley

Friday night live Network Marketing Training with Haylee Pierce Stutley who is a huge rising star in the industry and who is building teams all over the world.

Haylee is actually creating momentum in her team & is just a bundle of joy and a real go getter & this is one of the best interviews I have had the pleasure of hosting in a while, so you are in for a treat with her contagious energy

This is one of the best interviews I have had the pleasure of hosting in a while, so you are in for a treat.

Her brand is the Cryptomumma as she has 3 kids and is building a huge business.

Haylee is definitely someone you want to follow as she gives massive amounts of value and her knowledge is second to this interview.

In this interview, you will discover how she is building her business, and you will get a real insight into the daily method of operation.

This is a must watch for any Network Marketer & we hope you enjoy the training. If you do, please like & share the video with your teams.

The Crypto Pro’s

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