What is Bitcoin Cash,

Bitcoin is the first mover in Cryptocurrency and has been the no 1 driving force for some time until recently when it has lost 65% of the market share. In my opinion was due to other coins being born and. faster and more effective technology being released. Then come the high fees and slow processing times and it has caused big dip in the bitcoin market.

The fact that Bitcoin is giving such a bad user experience right now and just not performing as it should do, is a major problem and needs fixing!!

Bitcoin was designed to by Satoshi Nakamoto to be a peer to peer cash payment system. Today that is not the case and now people are having to pay extremely high fees & deal with very slow processing times,sometimes even days to be verified.

This truly goes against everything that bitcoin was designed to do and be.

As much as I love bitcoin and it pains me to write this I need be honest right now, it’s completely useless unless you are mining it of course then it can be really profitable.

We really do need a Cryptocurrency Payment Solution for an eco system that we can rely on with low fees and instant transactions.

I personally believe that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) could be one of the main Cryptos to help answer this problem. Bitcoin will be the gold of the internet and give an intrinsic value to our money again. You will be able to purchase a house ,car with bitcoin but for everyday use like buying a coffee, going for dinner right now it is to expensive and to slow. In my opinion BCH has the all the answers and will become the payment system that bitcoin was supposed to be a peer to peer cash payment system.

Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin, it is exactly the same protocol with 21 Million coins, but can handle more transactions and follows how Satoshi originally intended bitcoin to be when he wrote the rules of bitcoin back in 2008/2009.

Bitcoin is now slowly becoming a centralised model with one core team of developers who seem to only be in this to make money for themselves by creating a dramatic increase in fees for the users. For 9 years bitcoin was seamless and had no problems, fees were practically zero, processing times were instant. Bitcoin was the competition to the banks we have never had before. Now we may as well use a bank, there is no difference $100 fees and processing times of 4 days it’s complete craziness & goes against everything wee been teaching for the last 5 years.

Some of the developers did not understand and agree with the original vision of peer-to-peer electronic cash that Satoshi Nakamoto had created. Instead, they preferred Bitcoin become a settlement layer.

This is not how Crypto is designed to be!!

BCH was created on Aug 1st 2017 through a hard fork and a split of the bItcoin Blockchain. So you can look at this as bitcoin 2.0 a faster and more efficient version of bitcoin that has a more advanced technology.

Bitcoin Cash can handle more transactions than bitcoin and has much cheaper fees that are integrated for the longevity of the project. Bitcoin Cash is actually the only forked bitcoin that sticks to exactly the same protocol as bitcoin. Many others forked coins are trying to write their own rules and BCH are working to Satoshi’s rules and vision.


At present bitcoin can only handle seven transactions per second and has 1MB blocks. In today’s financial economy and the amount of digital transactions taking place in the Bitcoin Blockchain we have Hundreds of Thousands of Transactions every 24hrs. You can not record and process that many transactions into a 1MB data storage block. So the bitcoin Blockchain is now so full it is taking days to see transactions be verified.

If you want to know what the Blockchain is please read this; https://thecryptoproezine.com/2017/06/19/what-is-the-blockchain/

Bitcoin Cash is designed to handle Thousands of transactions and has an 8MB block size.that is about 40,000 transaction in each block compared to bitcoins average of 2500 per block. BCH can also scale on the Blockchain, so every couple of years the block size will double to 16MB, 32MB 64Mb and so on. This allows BCH to handle the volume of the expanding demand Crypto brings to the world.

We need Borderless, instant Transactions and they are now something we can use and rely on again within the Cryptocurrency world. Bitcoin Cash is how bitcoin is supposed to be. The opportunity that BCH brings to the space when you truly understand this is really special and like being involved in bitcoin 3 years ago.

This coin offers serious potential with a very strong technical division made up of several different developing teams plus years of marketing experience in tow to take this coin forward.

This can only mean one thing for this coin and that is further exposure in the right channels across the world.

Here is a piece from the bitcoin cash website (www.bitcoincash.org)

Bitcoin Cash brings sound money to the world, fulfilling the original promise of Bitcoin as “Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash”. Merchants and users are empowered with low fees and reliable confirmations. The future shines brightly with unrestricted growth, global adoption, permissionless innovation, and decentralized development.

Bitcoin Cash offers Decentralized Development – With multiple independent teams of developersko o providing software implementations, the future is secure. Bitcoin Cash is resistant to political and social attacks on protocol development. No single group or project can control it.

Here is a great video explaining Bitcoin Cash

If we look at other solutions to speeding up the transactions and lowering fees, we could possible look at SEGWIT2X, but they only want to double the block sizes to 2MB, that solves a small problem but the blocks are still not big enough. We need much bigger blocks and on chain scalability. Read about Segwit2x here https://thecryptoproezine.com/2017/11/08/what-is-the-bitcoin-segwit2x-fork/

Bitcoin Cash can do this and more.

If we look at the Lightning Network, this is an off chain solution and is still in theory nothing has been proven yet and until it can then we are still in the same place.

Read about the lightning Network here https://lightning.network/#intro

If they can get this technology working it really could be a huge solution to help bitcoin, but until they implement it and we know it works wether it can be durable for the future,we just don’t know!!

Bitcoin Cash is a huge player in the Crypto Markets right now sitting fourth n the entire world, with a value of around $1700 and a market cap of $29Billion + (28/1/18) Not bad for a coin only been around for a few months is it?

If we really want to stick to Satoshi’s vision and the technology he actually created then in my opinion Bitcoin Cash is the solution to take Cryptocurrency forward at a much faster pace, but that is just an opinion…

The only thing I must add as a miner, that I find really interesting is mining bitcoin it is so profitable because of the high transaction fees that are rewarded when winning a block. When processing transactions the fees as part of the reward for the the work we have completed. Mining bitcoin is and always will be profitable at this rate and I do not see that slowing down any time soon.

I believe this will always be the first mover in the space so it has a lot of potential for much more gains but until someone sorts out these extremely high fees and slow processing times who knows what will happen to bitcoin.Only when Someone fixes this then bitcoin may boom again.

If we look back over history and technology it always becomes more advanced and someone always comes up with a better way to make things more efficient, faster, easier to use, but what ever it maybe the first mover is not always the winner.

Right now I would say it is still such early stages that we are probably still in NOKIA mobile phone stages of this technology. who ever creates the most usable currency of any of the coins with low fees and instant transactions will win.


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BITCOIN CASH BITCOIN – Cheaper, faster payments, instant transactions and practically no fees. BCH can scale and handle more demand as time goes on. In my opinion BCH has a lot of potential but only time can tell if the people will adopt this coin as their peer to peer cash payment system.

What are your thoughts on Bitcoin Cash?

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Bitcoin White Paper https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf

Bitcoin Cash Website – https://www.bitcoincash.org

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Bitfinex exits the USA after tough new regulations

The USA government regulations are getting worse and worse towards Cryptocurrency & making it harder for anyone to partake, it's becoming a joke now as Bitfinex trading platform gets shut down from USA members.

More sad news for USA Cryptocurrency trading fans which really makes me angry to hear such a good platform like Bitfinex is now not allowed to operate in the USA because of these new regulations that are being implemented.

I swear they just make up rules as they go along.

Members have 90 days to clear all their portfolios and if you have and US holders of ethereum ERC20 tokens have only 5 days to stop trading them on the exchange.

Leading bitcoin exchange by USD volume, Bitfinex, announced on Friday that it is exiting the U.S. retail marketplace. Effective immediately, the exchange no longer accepts verification requests for U.S. Individuals.

Now with a current backlog of verification requests and ongoing difficulties in providing USD deposit and withdrawals for U.S. individuals, we feel that the time has come to begin disengaging from U.S. retail customers.

The bankers are a running scared to what Cryptocurrency is going to achieve & do them and are doing everything they can to try and keep their power.

This is a clear sign of what is going within the industry inside of the US right now!!

” Bitfinex admitted that “compliant banking solutions for U.S. individuals remain elusive.” Consequently, the exchange stated.

Bitfinex expects the U.S. Regulatory landscape to be even more challenging in the future. “Exchanges based in the U.S. are better positioned to properly service retail U.S. Customers,” it wrote.

In addition, the exchange also announced that U.S. customers will no longer be able to trade ERC20 tokens issued through initial coin offerings (ICOs) on the exchange. This part of the changes will commence at noon UTC on August 16.

The U.S. regulatory agency, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), announced in a report the organization conducted research on the current state of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) which reported the days of all these token sales and the “Wild West” ICO period is likely coming to an end.

The report conveyed a few key statements that established that U.S. federal securities laws would apply to ICOs and digital token sales. Due to the past six months of ICO excitement, raising millions of dollars in crowdsales based off of the Ethereum protocol.

Any Organization Failing to Comply With U.S. Securities Laws Will Be Held Responsible..

"The SEC’s decision reinforces what the blockchain industry already knew: Federal securities laws apply to all new types of technologies,” Nerayoff told Bitcoin.com.  

If anything sold has the characteristics of a security, one must follow U.S. securities laws. This is the case for all technologies. And it should be expected that any organization that fails to comply with the requirements of U.S. securities laws will be held responsible.

It is now clear that some digital currencies will be viewed as securities, depending on how the tokens or coins are structured. Now we’ll see what happens as companies attempt to fit within the SEC’s guidelines.


It seems we can not even breathe without the SEC wanting a slice of the pie in today's Crypto world. The US is shooting themselves in the foot with all these regulations and rules that they just keep making up & spoiling what could be so beneficial for millions of people.

Will they look back and regret these decisions in the future as they fight the Crypto world now, but will only have one choice in the future to join and praise the Crypto concept.

What are your thoughts on Bitfinex getting shut down and all these rules the US have to play by?

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Vladimir Putin wants to dump fiat currency for Cryptocurrency 

Vladimir Putin  seems like he loves the concept of etherum and sees at asa new solution to the outdated banking system that is tired and in desperate need for an uplift. 

 Putin even met with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, and has now his sights set on becoming the first country to operate a national cryptocurrency system instead of  using the traditional banking ways.

Cryptocurrency is boardless, more safe, more secure & offers instant transactions. When you can transact a digital transfer of ownership of any value with a system that is 100% a true source of information via the blockchain technology  and smart contracts that ethereum offer, takes trust to a whole new level.

It is easy to see why Putin maybe interested in the ethereum platform as it is the blockchain of blockchains. Etherum has the power to be the next Internet with Microsoft, Intel, Jp Morgan, Samsung just to name a few all aligning with the platform really speaks for it self. (More about that in another blog to come) 

Ethereum is going to be a world computer and is designed to be able to let anyone design decentralised apps (Dapps for short),smart contracts that will revolutionise every industry in the world.  

Russia are leading the charge to change the banking system and looks like they will be using Cryptocurrency very soon. 

Ethereum really looks like it will be the choice of platform for Russia because of the advanced technology that it offers.  

“The digital economy isn’t a separate industry, it’s essentially the foundation for creating brand new business models,” Putin said.

In short, it looks like Russia has plans to deal a massive blow to the banking class and they are looking for the best ways to go about it — with Gold and Cryptocurrency. Which tthey are wasting no time about moving forward with. 
As Bloomberg reports, Russia’s central bank has already deployed an Ethereum-based blockchain as a pilot project to process online payments and verify customer data with lenders including Sberbank PJSC, Deputy Governor Olga Skorobogatova said at the St. Petersburg event. She didn’t rule out using Ethereum technologies for the development of a national virtual currency for Russia down the road.  


Russia’s central bank has already deployed an Ethereum-based blockchain as a pilot project to process online payments and verify customer data with lenders including Sberbank PJSC, Deputy Governor Olga Skorobogatova said at the St. Petersburg event. She didn’t rule out using Ethereum technologies for the development of a national virtual currency for Russia down the road.

Last week, Russia’s state development bank VEB agreed to start using Ethereum for some administrative functions. Steelmaker Severstal PJSC tested Ethereum’s blockchain for secure transfer of international credit letters.

“Blockchain may have the same effect on businesses that the emergence on the internet once had — it would change business models, and eliminate intermediaries such as escrow agents and clerks,” said Vlad Martynov, an adviser for The Ethereum Foundation, a non-profit organization that backs the cryptocurrency. “If Russia implements it first, it will gain similar advantages to those the Western countries did at the start of the internet age.”

Times are moving fast and money is changing before our very eyes & If Russia are taking a serious look then so should you. 

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The USA just added 100 Billion in debt in 8 hours is Cryptocurrency the solution?

The USA just added 100 Billion in debt in just 8 hrs, which could be catastrophic for the future economy.

They are now 20 Trillion in debt and it will never be able to be paid pack. This is going to be a huge Ripple Effect for generations to come. Cost of living in the USA and around the world will keep rising and products will become more expensive.

You are basically going to have to work harder for less!!

That does not sound very appealing to me. 

Please read the full article from sovereignman.com here and see the full details on how the USA may have just crippled the economy!!

Your Government issued currency is failing & failing fast. You are losing value from your money every time a country prints more money.

Now there is a solution and that is called Cryptocurrency.

This is an alternative currency that is finite and can appreciate in value, is debt free, is transparent,

  • Finite Supply
  • Market Priced
  • No Dilution


  • Data encrypted on Blockchain
  • No Identity Fraud
  • Permissionless transactions 


  • Accessed from app or computer
  • No borders
  • Easily converted into fiat currency

Wherever there is a mobile phone there is now a bank, That is what you call a disruption!! This is the biggest invention in economic history since the internet was created. This is going to change the world as we know it!!

Is Cryptocurrency the solution to the debt of the world. Find out more here ..


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Negative Interest Rates & Global Currency Reset has started

This is Just the start!!

After reading an article on Bloomberg that Germany was starting to adopt, negative interest rates it really peaked my interest. I had heard about this coming but didn’t realise how soon or how big this impact will actually be upon the world.


What does this mean and how will it impact us?  Let us have a look at how Negative Interest Rates will cost us money and maybe be the start of the next Global Currency Reset is happening, put simply, it would be a return to a new currency standard that all nations would agree upon. 

An example of a negative interest rate policy would be to set the key rate at – 0.2%, such that bank depositors would have to pay  on their deposits instead of receiving any sort of positive interest.

Here is an excerpt from the European Central bank article on Negative Interest Rates – Europe’s central banks cut key interest rates below zero in 2014, and now Japan has followed. By end of summer  -2016, some 500 million people in a quarter of the world economy are living with rates in the red. Unthinkable before the 2008 financial crisis,Negative rates will either mark the start of a new era for the world’s central banks or finally expose the limit of their powers. 

Europe’s central banks cut key interest rates below zero in 2014, and now Japan has followed. By end of summer  -2016, some 500 million people in a quarter of the world economy are living with rates in the red. Unthinkable before the 2008 financial crisis,Negative rates will either mark the start of a new era for the world’s central banks or finally expose the limit of their powers. 

More policy makers have warmed to the experiment, even though sub-zero rates can crimp the ability of banks to make money or lead them to take additional risks in search of profit. The Bank of Japan rattled global markets by adopting negative rates in early 2016, more than 18 months after the European Central Bank became the first major monetary institution to venture below zero. The ECB cut again in March, charging banks 0.4 percent to hold their cash overnight. Sweden, Switzerland andDenmark have also adopted negative rates, weakening their currencies by encouraging investors to seek higher returns elsewhere. 

 Europe’s central bank chose to experiment with negative rates before turning to a bond-buying program like those used in the U.S. and Japan. Policy makers in both Europe and Japan are trying to prevent a slide back into deflation, or a spiral of falling prices that could derail the economic recovery. 

If more and more central banks use negative rates as a stimulus tool, the policy might ultimately lead to a currency war of competitive devaluations. The Bank for International Settlements warned in a March 2016 report of “great uncertainty” if rates stay negative for a prolonged period. However, the fact that such tools have now been tested means they’re likely here to stay. 

As you can see you will be charged to hold your funds in a bank which is ludicrous This could be a real problem for the economy and is just the start of the next economic crash which looks set to be bigger than the 2008 crisis. 

Your Money is dying if it is in a bank the fact that your currency is decreasing in value every year must or should concern you. The time is now to really start taking notice of what is going on in the world right now?  

Germany is not the first Country to adopt negative interest rates Japan, Switzerland, Denmark & Sweden now to just to name a few countries that are also in the financial economic downturn. 


What is a ‘Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP)’

A negative interest rate policy (NIRP) is an unconventional monetary policy tool whereby nominal target interest rates are set to a negative value, below the theoretical lower bound of zero percent. 


This is just the start of the next economic crisis. Why should we have to pay for our money to be stored in a bank? The banks are robbing us blind not only are lending out our money and creating more money out of thin air, we now have the privilege of being charged to store our money in the bank. It is a joke they can get away with this.  

Did you know there is now a law that if the banks fail again which they will anytime soon? They have by law the right to take money out of your bank to pay off their debts that they have created. 

To add insult to injury – since the banks pay you zero percent on your savings account in the first place – the banks have the right to confiscate your funds if they crash the economy again as they did in 2008. Remember the Great Recession? It’s coming again to a bank near you. 

With inflation, you are losing money you are losing your wealth and you are losing purchasing power every year. If you look at the USD it is 20 Trillion in debt and 93% of its true value has gone now. The $10 note is now only worth 7 cents 

The $10 note is now only worth 7 cents but they do not change the value of the note, NO they keep putting prices up and cost of living keeps getting higher and higher & because people it is worth $10 they still use it at $10 even though that is far from the truth!!


So what is the solution?  

If you want to protect your wealth and your income I would suggest you start putting your money into Cryptocurrency. it is about to change the way we use and transact money forever & is the biggest invention in economic history since the internet was created. 

Cryptocurrency is inflation proof,  there is only a limited supply of each currency and works on Demand & Supply rules. the value actually can increase in value and put more money back in your pocket. Your currency and wealth can gain you more purchasing power.

The value of any Cryptocurrency can actually  increase in value and put more money back in your pocket. So your currency and wealth can increase and gain you more purchasing power.

The underline technology of Cryptocurrency is called the Blockchain and this is the technology that will be bigger than the internet. 

The Blockchain is a verification tool and a public ledger for the internet that will now bring trust and a way to send value across the internet like never before. ownership to the world. that takes the power away from the banks and lets us transact money to anyone in the world instantly and for practically free so we no longer need a bank or 3rd party authority to transact money. 

This is a digital transfer of ownership that will change the world. This will change the way we use and transact money forever!! takes the power away from the banks and lets us transact money to anyone in the world instantly and for practically free so we no longer need a bank or 3rd party authority to transact money. 

This is the biggest disruption in the last 20 years and there may never be an opportunity this big in our lifetime again. This takes the power away from the banks and gives the power back to the people with a currency that is made fo the people by the people. lets

You can now transact money to anyone in the world instantly and for practically free so we no longer need a bank or 3rd party authority to transact money. 

You can now be the bank!! 

So there is never been a better way to create wealth o protect your wealth than this concept of Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain technology. change your life financially so would you rather own a currency full of debt and decreasing in value 

This will change your life financially forever if you take it seriously. so would you rather own a currency full of debt and decreasing in value 

So would you rather own a currency full of debt and decreasing in value or a currency that can increase in value and give you more purchasing power?? 

The choice is yours & the time is now. Join the financial Revolution

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Resources –   http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-08-11/negative-rates-for-the-people-arrive-as-german-bank-gives-in





Banks Now Adopting the Blockchain Technology

It was only a matter of time!! 

The banks are now following in the footsteps of Crypto Currency and adopting the Blockchain Technology.

The Blockchain if you do not know is a public ledger that will verify all transaction  which enables Instant Payments that can not lie, cheated or manipulated making this much more secure , stable and far safer than anything ever been created before.

The system is run through a peer to peer consensus that all computers in the network will verify the transaction. Every ten minutes a block is updated. Once the transaction is complete it’s confirmed by the network.

The Blockchain is the Evolution of Money, Contacts, Mortgages, Loans. These will all be used through the Blockchain technology. The way we handle any transaction will now have to be a verified transaction, which will make our lives much easier, faster and more efficient.

Blocks record and confirm when and in what sequence transactions enter and are logged in the blockchain.


Once the transaction has been made and verified on the block you know that person has that money,contract whatever it may be 100%.

The block chain consists of blocks that hold timestamped batches of recent valid transactions.

  • First, they laughed at us
  • Then they fought us
  • Then they join us

Crypto Currency and the Technology that is the Blockchain have disrupted a 5 Trillion Dollar industry.

In my opinion, the Blockchain is the most powerful invention in economic history since the internet was created and what the internet did for information this will do the same to money

(I will explain the Blockchain further in an another post so you fully understand it)

There are lots of banks who are now joining forces and taking on the technology.So what is going to happen, which has actually already started .

The banks will put interest rates into a negative interest rate.You will then be charged to have your money in the banking system with heavy fees and no way of drawing cash.

The future is a cashless society.

Are you ready for this ??

Let’s have a look at some of the banks that have seen the power of this technology.

1 Bank of America

have filled 30 patterns on the Blockchain Technology.”Blockchain’s very intriguing and for us it’s a balance between not wanting to be Neanderthal but not wanting to put something out in a commercial application where the commercial application is still very unclear as a technologist, the technology is fascinating,” Catherine Bessant, the chief operations and technology officer at Bank of America, said during a CNBC event at Davos credit to CNBC


    2  JP MORGAN

    have just tested the Technology with over 2000 clients and transfers between London and Tokyo the test is a prelude to using the technology to move real funds internationally using a blockchain. This was in collaboration with New York blockchain startup Digital Asset Holdings, which is run by ex-JPMorgan executive Blythe Masters. It was one of a group of investors, primarily from the mainstream finance world, to contribute to Digital Asset’s $60m funding roundJPMorgan has spent about $9 billion this year on technology investments across the company and a big focus has been on the blockchain.

jp morgan

3.Goldman Sachs is leading the charge on the cryptocurrency technology known as the blockchain.The New York-based financial institution spotlighted blockchain—the technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies—in an end-of-the-year research report about emerging technology. Blockchain is essentially a shared online public ledger that is supposedly impervious to tampering and revision.

Goldman Sachs has developed its own cryptocurrency for a settlement system for trading stocks, bonds, and other assets.

goldman sachs 4  R3

There is a consortium of 42 of the biggest banks that have all joined forces and created a super group called R3 –


R3 have pledged their financial and technical support since launching in September.

The latest bank additions are BMO Financial Group, Danske Bank, Intesa Sanpaolo, Natixis, Nomura, Northern Trust, OP Financial Group, Banco Santander, Scotiabank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, US Bancorp and Westpac Banking Corporation. R3 said the initial window for admittance of new bank members is now closed.

David Rutter, CEO of R3, said in a statement: “Partnering with a broad range of institutions has always been central to our strategy of developing distributed ledger technologies that will truly benefit the financial services industry as a whole.

“Securing the backing of 42 of the world’s leading banks demonstrates the level of interest in our initiative, and we now look forward to exploring collaboration with non-bank institutions and expanding our already diverse group.

“R3 has long believed that distributed ledger technology has the potential to impact the financial services sector the way the internet changed media and entertainment. Yes, that’s a big statement, but there is increasing evidence to support it.

“When you look across the industry, the possible applications of these innovative solutions cut across asset classes, geographies, and market participants. Ultimately, these technologies will benefit not just financial services firms, but their clients and end-users as well. We’re very excited to be at the epicenter of this global evolution.”

R3 is a financial innovation firm that leads the Distributed Ledger Group (DLG), a consortium partnership with 42 of the world’s leading banks, to design and deliver advanced distributed ledger technologies to global financial markets.

A global consortium of banks is working with blockchain startup R3 to develop approaches to using blockchain in global finance. American Express recently took part in a $12 million investment in Abra, a start-up that uses blockchain to transfer money internationally. In September, Blockchain startup Chain raised a $30 million Series B round with big names like Visa, Nasdaq, and Citi taking part in the investment. Goldman Sachs itself has also been actively exploring the bitcoin space. The firm was recently part of a $50 million investment round in Circle, a payments app that utilizes bitcoin and the blockchain.(Source  http://qz.com/563967/goldman-sachs-wants-to-create-its-own-version-of-bitcoin/)


5  THE IMF  _  The International Monetary Fund

The IMF issued a report praising the benefits of virtual currencies and stating they are here to stay.


the Managing Director of IMF Christine Lagarde said:

“Virtual currencies and their underlying technologies can provide faster and cheaper financial services, and can become a powerful tool for deepening financial inclusion in the developing world. The challenge will be how to reap all these benefits and at the same time prevent illegal uses, such as money laundering, terror financing, fraud and even circumvention of capital controls.” 


6 What the big banks say about the tech

The Blockchain is the underlying technology behind the cryptocurrency that is exciting the world’s major banks it has been heralded as a potentially disruptive force in finance by major institutions, which claim that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are just the “opening act” to something bigger.

tech transformers


Barclays said in May that bitcoin created a more “elegant solution than our current payment system” in many ways but it also “fell short” in a number of areas. The British bank said that it envisages a number of other cryptocurrencies will continue to emerge that won’t have the flaws of first generation bitcoin, it said in the note.

So it’s not predicting the end of cryptocurrencies but sees a place for them in the future of blockchain.

The first big area cryptocurrencies could work well in is bank transfers and remittances, according to Barclays, as it could make it cheaper and even “reduce the capital requirements for banks, as it would reduce considerably the counterparty risks.” Source for the info –http://www.cnbc.com/2015/12/31/blockchain-what-the-big-banks-say-about-the-tech.html  The second area of interest is the use of blockchain in securities exchanges with Barclays saying the technology can be “been abstracted to carry any sort of asset which can be represented digitally.”



UBS has been one of the most open banks about its plans with the blockchain. It has a team called “Crypto 2.0” in London conducting research on the technology.

The Swiss investment bank said it has explored more than 20 use cases of blockchain and is incubating the best ideas. One of the experiments it carried out was with so-called “smart contracts” which it developed into a “smart bond”. This involved using the blockchain to recreate a bond’s issuance, interest calculation, coupon payments and maturation processes.

Deutsche Bank

In an October issue of Deutsche Bank’s Flow magazine, the German institution said it had explored an “innovation lab” to investigate the potential of the blockchain.

Deutsche Bank highlighted that the adoption of the blockchain would face “significant legal and regulatory barriers” but recognised that it could be massively disruptive to banks.


As you can see the Central banks are really moving with the Blockchain technology and i can see them all launching their own cryptocurrencies as well.  

Times are changing and we best be ready for the overhaul that is coming our way to our monetary system and the way we transact money forever!!

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Is The Federal Reserve The Biggest Bank Robbery to people of all time??

USA 19 Trillion in Debt and your expected to pay it back…..!!

The federal Reserve are a private company that controls the money its is not part of the government.

It is run by 6 bankers. The Fed controls everything

We do not need the fed any more!!

Time to wake up people and realise there is a better way.

This is run by the most powerful men on earth and they are robbing us of our money they have put the USA and the world into serious danger being Nearly 20 Trillion in debt.

The fed enjoys the Monopoly over the people controlling everything

They have loaned out 2.2 Trillion to unnamed people and bale

USA people have contributed over 16 trillion in taxes but still nearly 19Trillion in debt!!!

If you do not play by their rules you go to Jail
which is one rule for us and another of them.

They use tax payer money to bail them out.

This is the biggest Robbery every to be in acted on the America people.

It is time for a change and time to give the power back to the people.

Watch video here explains it all https://youtu.be/2xI8gPY43RU

This is so scary it is beyond imagining what we are not being told .

I break down the fed Budget here and you can just how scary this really is..!!!!!


The National Debt and Federal Budget Deficit Deconstructed….

With just 7% of true value left

USA is over 19 trillion in debt what is the answer?

How can the world become Solvent again ?

Do we just raise taxes and hurt the pockets of the Rich ?

Why should the rich be taxed so much?   

Do we find a way to cut expenses ?

Common sense we have to both ?

What is the size of the trouble we are in?

What economic challenges do we face let’s just look at this year’s spending?

What will it take in taxes to cover it all ?

if we taxed all the riches cooperations, the richest people will it cover it?

How much more will need the answer might just blow your mind !!

Whats the difference between , Millions ,Billions, and Trillions ?

People throw these numbers around every day of our lives.

You always here Billions and Trillions are spoken about by the governments. Trillions can be discussed over Pizza.

Do you really understand the difference between the Millions,Billions & Trillions?

Are our brains just numb to this now?

What if we was to convert these to seconds might make it a bit clearer for you?

How long ago were a Million seconds ago?

What would your first reaction be?

Is it a day ,

A week

A month

A Year  ago

what do you reckon ?

It is 12 days ago…

What would you say a Billion Seconds ago was?

well if a million was 12 days what is a Billion seconds how far back would we have o look to get the answer?  To get a sense of proportion do we now look bad a year , 10 years , 20years?

It is 32 Years to get to a Billion seconds. i am 34 so we would have to go back to i was 2 years of age.

So a million is 12 days and a billion is 32 years. How long do you think it will take to get to Trillion then?

The USD is 19 trillion in debt and can never pay it back ever.There is only 7% left of its true value then its bust and this doesn’t cover  debt obligations including unfunded liabilities that  is well over 120 Trillion  in defeatists.

This is where the numbers get scary …

How long will a trillion seconds take to count too ?

Million is 12 days , Billion is 32 years

a Trillion is

50 years

100 years

1000 years

The answer is 31, 688 Years ….

To give you an idea man wasn’t even known as man then

That’s 1 Trillion not 20 trillion or 120 Trillion with debt obligations included.

To give you a perspective if you earned a million dollars a day

and you started at the birth of Jesus christ and every day you made a million dollars you wouldn’t even be close to making a trillion Dollars. It would take you almost another 1000 years to get to a Trillion Dollars .

We are looking at the US government who are in 20 Trillion in National debt and 120 Trillion included unfunded liabilities its is crazy to think what is going to happen to the economy.

Do you think this acceptable???

If we took the 20 trillion that is owed and made it into Dollar bills and you put them end to end side to side you can cover every single high way every country road you can cover the entire United states twice over and more…

It is such staggering numbers it is beyond imagination. People don’t really know the difference between Millions, Billions and Trillions. It is scary to think the USA Government have been allowed to do this.

from late 1700’s to late 80’s in 200 years there was 2.2 trillion in debt .

This will blow your mind  in 2009- 2011 USA created $2.95 trillion dollars alone in more debt.

This more in 2 years than they did in 200 years!!!

This information comes from a hard dedicated blogger called

IOWAHAWK. You can find him at  iowahawk.typepad.com

This has also been researched by Tony Robbins research team

who went out and found all these numbers are true and facts.

How do we pay for 3.79 Trillion yearly spend ?

Lets break it down and have a look at the numbers –

This is $10,400,000,000 (10.4 Billion)  a day for the USA to live on a day!

They are borrowing 4 Billion a day onto of that  which is probably more now as this is a few years old research.

So 0.40¢ out of every dollar is borrowed.

If we were to break this down over the year on a calendar it’s going to shock you.

Jan 1st 00:01

According to Iowahawk  the only thing more evil to a liberal to rich person is a rich cooperation .

If we was tool look at Exxon Mobile and Walmart 2 of the richest organisations on the planet. Lets take every penny combined what that earned  in global profits thats $46,700,000,000 – 46.7 Billion Dollars. All of this money would only get you to Jan 5 th 12:45 pm.

Not very impressive is it?

Now if we go into the Fortune 500 companies and all of them that is $567,000,000,000    567 Billion will only take us to Feb 29th 12:15 am .

if we confiscate all the Global profits of ALL the Fortune 500 companies , we only cover 58 days!!

This still isn’t getting us to where we need to go…

We have taken all the profits of Bullion dollar companies then lets say it is a few weeks after Super Bowl . If we take all of the corporate advertising comes to $200,000,000  – $200 Million Dollars.  That would run the country for 28 mins…

If you was to take all the years Super Bowl advertising that would give you $5,200,000,000 – 52 Billion Dollars. if this was the case it would still only take us to same day feb 29th 12:15 Pm .

iohawk suggests we do what the politicians are after and lets go and soak all the rich people of their money.

Lets start with the Athletes they get obscene salaries . Lets take it all from every sport out there





Just all of their salaries and winnings from Nascar PGA tour all put together is $10,1000,000,000  -10.1 billion Dollars . Please remember it takes $10.4 Billion to run USA for a day.  So we don’t even get a day out of it. This gets us to 11;35 am the next day Mach 1st .

So all of this and you run the country for basically 2 MONTHS.

Let’s forget the Athletes it is obviously not enough, lets get to the really rich people. Lets take 100% of every penny of anyone who makes over $250,000 a year.

This will surely help for at least a year, wouldn’t it?

The number of US households is 117,538,000

the percentage of those house that earn 250,000 Dollars or more is just 2% . So number of households above $250,000 income is 2,350.760.

Total income of households in excess of $250,00:

$1,353,000,000,000 – 1.36 Trillion. Now we are talking!!

Iowahawk says let’s eat the rich take everything they have this would take us from March 1st to July 10th -1pm.

Where do we go from here we have taxed the richest people, the richest cooperations in the world. So we are now going to have to cut some spending somewhere!

What if we stopped spending money on Wars ?

Let’s just cut it right now which I am sure most of us want anyway ?

This would save us $117,000,000 this year . that would take us to July 21st 8pm.

$117 Billion only gets us another 11 days to run the USA.

We need more money!!!

Iowahawk says screw you Star Wars we are taking every penny you have earned from all the films and merchandise that in 38 years has made you over $27,000,000,000 – 27 Billion would only still take us to 9am July 24th.

Everyone Knows The rich actors and famous live in Beverly Hills we are going to sell all their homes at market value. There are 15000 homes in Beverly Hills average home price is  $3.2 Million Gives us $48,000,000,000 –  48 Billion Dollars. This will take us to July 29th.

Iowahawk says Michael Moore suggests they is plenty more money out there  it’s just tied up n the rich.

Lets look at Warren Buffet and Bill gates the pair are worth over 100Billion. Perhaps it is time to leave us and through inheritance tax of 50% is $50,000,000,000 – 50 Billion goes to paying the countries bills.

This gets us to Aug 2nd 7pm!!

Lets get serious there are 400 more Billionaires out there with a net worth of over 1.4Trillion. If we could arrange a few more accidental deaths of these Billionaires 505 of that inheritance tax helps with another $700,000,000,000 – 700 Billion dollars

If we was to kill off the Billionaires that money would only take us to Oct 9th 2am .

After all, this USA can still not pay all their bills for the entire year!!

Let’s forget this 50% nonsense and kill all the Billionaires and take all of it every penny they own.

This will still  will only get us another 32 days  on Nov 10th 12:30 am.

This is now the start of the Christmas period so if we was take all the sales and shopping that is spent gives us $469,000,000,000

This would take us to Dec 25 12:45 pm

Please remember this money is for the American poor  so lets take away all the aid and charity that is given away is $53,000,000,000 -53 Billion Dollars.. This gets us to Dec 30th 3:35 Pm

We still have a day and a bit to pay for so sorry but the remaining $13,800,000,000 – 13.8 Billion dollars we would have to ask every Man , Woman and Child to pay $44 each to cover costs.

This would then take us to Jan 1st 12:00

Happy new Year everybody.


We have taken all the profits and all the salaries , all the assets , all the expenses all the revenues , Everything from the rich Everything from the cooperations.

What happens when you kill off the golden goose ?

There are no more Golden Eggs!!

There are no more profits ,No more revenue streams available for tax thus funding our government .

what are we going to do??

USA Government is continuing to Spend Trillions

Somehow magically we are going to spend even more ??

Thy project smaller deficits and our revenues will grow this year what load of rubbish.Why are they allowed to get away with this and cost the average person the live the life they deserve??

When you kill of the possibilities you are destroying everything and you eat the rich everything they have and we can only scrape through for 1 year is ludicrous…

Now what do we do….???

Wee hopefully this stimulates you to start raising revenues and helping yourself . you can create your economy .

How will you raise your voice to and be heard on this matter?

If you want a better way and a currency that is not tied to any debt and can rise in value. You must consider Crypto Currency.

It is the solution to this problem!!

It is is not tied to any banks or government it is decentralised system that all revolutionise the way we use money forever!!

This is the future and it is time we as humans can start living the lives we deserve to have and live a happy life not worrying about paying of debt that isn’t ours.

We deserve better than this.

What is your opinion??

Please contact me and let me know.

If you like this article please like and share and lets spread this important message of just how bad the government are treating us.

(This information has been researched by Tony Robbins and his research team. You can check out the video here https://youtu.be/jboTeS9Okak  I  am just passing the message on)

Thank you
Joby Boughey

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