Monaco Visa Card Launched for Bitcoin & Ethereum

The new Monaco Visa Card has been launched

Introducing Monaco – The world’s best cryptocurrency card. Spend and send money globally at perfect interbank exchange rates, saving EUR30-40 on every EUR500 equivalent spent.

 Successfully just passeing through an ICO (Intital Coin Offering) this company have everything in place to create abrilliant piece of technology. This card will allow you to spend  your ether and bitcoin anywhere in the world that accepts Visa card. (ERC20 tokens coming soon) 

Just so you understand this a bit clearer – You will be spending Cryptocurrency, the retailer will be receiving the local currency of choice. This will help all involved in the Cryptocurrency community, especially those who hold ether and bitcoin. 

Monaco Card

Every time you spend with Monaco VISA® Card, you will be given perfect interbank exchange rates without markups or fees. You’ll never have to worry about exchange rates again, always getting the best deal physically possible. Amazing value and peace of mind!   

Fund your card with ETH/BTC

You can top-up your card with BTC/ETH and soon other ERC20 tokens. When you swipe the card, we convert an increment of your BTC/ETH/ERC20 tokens on the fly, just enough to settle the VISA® transaction. The rest sits securely in your wallet, potentially appreciating in value. 

Send money

Sending money between Monaco App users is free & real-time, with the money being instantly available for the recipient on their Monaco Card.

Stay secure

Industry leading card security features available from Monaco App – including card blocking, unblocking, setting up geographical security, online shopping capability and more.


Customer onboarding can be done entirely via the Monaco App – and takes less than 3 minutes. 

Connect with your money

Get instant spending notifications, add receipts to your purchases, manage your budget, and more.

Earn up to 10% Instant Cashback As You Spend

Monaco Card holders will be entitled to up to 10% Cashback Reward when spending at participating merchants. The Cashback will be settled instantly after a succesful transaction by crediting our native currency MCO to your app wallet. You will be able to trade MCO on multiple exchanges and easily convert it to BTC, ETH or fiat currencies. The Instant Cashback program will be subsidised by participating merchants.

The Monaco Visa Card wants to disrupt and make bitcoin and ethereum payments easier thanks to a debit card that can be used worldwide and wherever VISA® cards are accepted. In fact, you can pay anywhere VISA® cards are accepted. Your card will always be treated as a local currency card, you will receive interbank exchange rates without any markup and cross-border fees.

Monaco Fees

Compared to a normal debit card issued by banks, with the Monaco Visa® Card you will save 30-40 EUR on every 500EUR spent because you can fund your card with Ether and Bitcoin, instantly and for free.

Only the exact amount that you spend with your Monaco Card will be exchanged from ETH and BTC in real-time, with rest being securely stored in your wallet.
So, users can load the Monaco Card with digital currencies in real-time and free of charge and have the funds immediately accessible.
Also, users can set up rules to automatically top-up your bitcoin debit card card whenever the balance drops below a specific level you can set up anytime. 

Monaco Visa® Card is linked to your own bitcoin and/or ether wallet, and you will pay very low fees.But the very good news about Monaco is that it is free of charge when you ask for the debit card and you will pay only the 1% licensing fee on transactions.

Also, you can always change the currency of your card, as you can use it worldwide: your Monaco Visa card will always be treated as a local currency card.
Over all this looks incredible and I highly advise everyone to get the app when it is ready from the App Store for your desired devise. It will be available in IOS & Android very soon. Complete your e-Kyc and activate your app to order your card and start spending your Bitcoin and ether any where in the world. 

This will transform your Cryptocurrency experience making it much easier to liquidate your Cryptocurrency portfolio. Here is a video that explains it all for you 


The White Paper –

Website –

What is the Blockchain 

We are probably looking at the most important invention in our lifetime and a technology that will change our economy forever!!

Experts are saying this is the biggest invention since the internet was created! 


The Blockchain is a public ledger that will record and verify transactions. Just like a banking ledger that records Plus and Minuses in a book this does the same with a recorded digital transfer of ownership that gets recorded into the network. So any computer in the network has a recorded document of the digital transfer that took place.

Most Blockchains follow the Bitcoin protocol and every 10 minutes the Blockchain (ledger) is updated by every computer in the system for the data or transactions will be verified accordingly. 

Then every computer in the network will have a copy of that verified time-stamped transactions. Each Block contains a piece of the last blocks data attached forming a chain of the transactions or the data that was entered. 


When every single computer has a copy of that Block, you know 100% the transfer has been recorded and the receiver will have their money, contract,loan,school results, votes  what ever it maybe the value has been sent and received.

You can not lie cheat or manipulate the Blockchain in anyway. Once the transaction has been verified it is irreversible.
A book starts at page 1, page 2, page 3, etc., etc. So the Blockchain is like a story in a book, and every block of data is then tied to each other one block after another.

This is run on a consensus based verification where the network has to verify the transaction giving 100% trust and validation.
The Blockchain, in theory = ONE TRUE SOURCE OF INFORMATION.

This technology is so powerful it is like having an audit company verify the books every time a transaction is made.That gives vendors security knowing that accepting the currency that any transaction is 100% verified and complete with 10 mins or faster depending on the Blockchain that is being used.

The Blockchain allows no chargebacks or fraud,no more high merchant fees ever again. Transactions can now be sent instantly with low fees. We no longer need a bank system to make a transaction.We can conduct bankless transactions outside of a controlling authority. 

The Blockchain is the middle man. 

When something is so secure, to physically hack this system is cryptographically impossible you know you are in safe hands and your money is very secure. If you would want to attack the Blockchain you would have to attack every single computer at the same time and within a ten-minute window. Which is physically impossible. Making transactions far safer and secure than any bank. The Bitcoin Blockchain is 280 times stronger than all the Supercomputers combined in the USA. 

The effect of creating a chain of blocks from the very first Genesis Block to the current block is simply huge. Each block is guaranteed to come after the previous block chronologically because the previous block’s data would otherwise not be known.
This means we cannot double spend money as the Blockchain would recognise the serial number on the coin and see that the coin has already been used and would reject that transaction. 

So we now have money that cannot be counterfeited cheated or manipulated in any way. The Blockchain would not allow any more coins to be created than is designed to create.

Each block is also practically impossible to modify once it has entered in the chain because every block after it would also have to be regenerated. These properties are what make double-spending of CryptoCurrency very difficult. All valid transactions of the blocks are transparent, and they cannotp be modified because a block,can only reference one previous block, and is impossible for two chains to merge.

It is also possible to use the Blockchain algorithm for non-financial purposes. The Blockchain is broadcast to all computers on the network that anything recorded there can be kept for safekeeping on the public ledger. This is now the safest and most secure way you could ever transact money, legal documents, loans, personal ID and much much more. 

Your money is now more secure and safe than any bank using the technology.!! 

The time is now to start learning more about this genius invention to help you get a better picture here is Don’t Tapscott who is a best selling author with the book Blockchain Revolution – explaining the Technology for you in laymen s terms.

If you would like to know more please get back to us we would be happy to answer anything for you.

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Vladimir Putin wants to dump fiat currency for Cryptocurrency 

Vladimir Putin  seems like he loves the concept of etherum and sees at asa new solution to the outdated banking system that is tired and in desperate need for an uplift. 

 Putin even met with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, and has now his sights set on becoming the first country to operate a national cryptocurrency system instead of  using the traditional banking ways.

Cryptocurrency is boardless, more safe, more secure & offers instant transactions. When you can transact a digital transfer of ownership of any value with a system that is 100% a true source of information via the blockchain technology  and smart contracts that ethereum offer, takes trust to a whole new level.

It is easy to see why Putin maybe interested in the ethereum platform as it is the blockchain of blockchains. Etherum has the power to be the next Internet with Microsoft, Intel, Jp Morgan, Samsung just to name a few all aligning with the platform really speaks for it self. (More about that in another blog to come) 

Ethereum is going to be a world computer and is designed to be able to let anyone design decentralised apps (Dapps for short),smart contracts that will revolutionise every industry in the world.  

Russia are leading the charge to change the banking system and looks like they will be using Cryptocurrency very soon. 

Ethereum really looks like it will be the choice of platform for Russia because of the advanced technology that it offers.  

“The digital economy isn’t a separate industry, it’s essentially the foundation for creating brand new business models,” Putin said.

In short, it looks like Russia has plans to deal a massive blow to the banking class and they are looking for the best ways to go about it — with Gold and Cryptocurrency. Which tthey are wasting no time about moving forward with. 
As Bloomberg reports, Russia’s central bank has already deployed an Ethereum-based blockchain as a pilot project to process online payments and verify customer data with lenders including Sberbank PJSC, Deputy Governor Olga Skorobogatova said at the St. Petersburg event. She didn’t rule out using Ethereum technologies for the development of a national virtual currency for Russia down the road. 

Russia’s central bank has already deployed an Ethereum-based blockchain as a pilot project to process online payments and verify customer data with lenders including Sberbank PJSC, Deputy Governor Olga Skorobogatova said at the St. Petersburg event. She didn’t rule out using Ethereum technologies for the development of a national virtual currency for Russia down the road.

Last week, Russia’s state development bank VEB agreed to start using Ethereum for some administrative functions. Steelmaker Severstal PJSC tested Ethereum’s blockchain for secure transfer of international credit letters.

“Blockchain may have the same effect on businesses that the emergence on the internet once had — it would change business models, and eliminate intermediaries such as escrow agents and clerks,” said Vlad Martynov, an adviser for The Ethereum Foundation, a non-profit organization that backs the cryptocurrency. “If Russia implements it first, it will gain similar advantages to those the Western countries did at the start of the internet age.”

Times are moving fast and money is changing before our very eyes & If Russia are taking a serious look then so should you. 

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The Top Cryptocurrencies you should be purchasing right now

So over the last 5 years, I have embarked on an incredible journey with Cryptocurrency.

I have been blessed to be part of an industry that experts are saying is going to change the world & the way we use and transact money forever. I have gained vast knowledge and experience by travelling the world teaching and educating people on this subject. Being able to see different cultures adopt cryptocurrency into their lives is truly a blessing.

People are waking up and now realise we no longer need the outdated banking system & Government issued currency.  Let’s be honest is the biggest scam in the world., but that is another story for another day.

The world’s greatest Economic challenge to change the world financially forever has begun!

The economy of any country since the 2008 financial crisis has been a real struggle and downturn for the billions of people around the world.

Cost of living is on the rise and the more money the governments print, the less value it has to our society.

They are devaluing your wealth.

You are now working harder for less!!

The time for a change is NOW and the Cryptocurrency world is a booming. A product that is debt free, inflation proof, has a fixed supply, is More secure and safer than any bank,

What one would you prefer???

There are now over 850 different coins on the market today that all have different functions & qualities, some none at all

What are the best coins on the market today?

Here is a list of some of the top Cryptocurrencies you should be purchasing right now This is just my opinion there are hundreds to chose from, but I really like how these few coins have performed and are performing.
They are in no particular order as they all have very different functions and their own place in this space.

The Race is on. 

With Precision timing and the economy in desperate need for a change, there is now a perfect opportunity and a chance to really lead the race.

The concept of Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency enters us into a new realm of how we conduct finance and business.

There is NO doubt about it this will change the way we use and transact money forever.
The world is moving through a tremendous paradigm shift in a new digital era and the way we conduct our lives.

Some of the biggest digital currencies in the world may have what it takes; some may not. In my opinion here is where I see some of the top Cryptocurrencies in the race.


Litecoin is a decentralised Cryptocurrency with 84 Million coins available and has a Faster transaction processing time than Bitcoin.

The Litecoin Blockchain is updated every two and a half minutes, so it is super fast.

There is no usability yet with Litecoin even though it has been around for many years now. I would say there is a chance this will succeed but In my opinion, to achieve massive success, Litecoin needs to gain more awareness even though the cost is still very low,  I think it could gain more momentum soon.

Litecoin is securely stored in a wallet on your computer, tablet, phone or laptop.
Download yours and start sending and receiving payments with an address and a click.

Only time can tell if it will be a frontline winner.


This Digital currency provides Global financial settlement solutions via Bank to Bank transactions technology. Ripple has Instant cross-border payments with any currency to any currency.

It is very well respected, and rumours are some very big organisations will have a huge role to play with Ripple’s success in the future.

With 100 billion coins available in their arsenal this coin could be a huge contender if they decide to bring it to the marketplace as a consumer based Cryptocurrency.

If Ripple decides to merge this into a consumer Cryptocurrency, it has a unique setup and tremendous potential to be one of best on the market. Ripple is one my favourite coins available today.

Instant, certain, low-cost international payments

Ripple could be one to watch for the future.

You can get a more in depth look at Ripple here


The concept of Ethereum is a Public Blockchain platform helping developers to build and publish distributed applications.

Launched in 2014 Ethereum is more advanced than the Bitcoin Blockchain. You can place any business within the Ethereum system. It is a platform that can also function with Smart Contract functionality. , Ethereum is a decentralised software platform that enables SmartContracts and Distributed Applications (ĐApps)

Smart Contracts offer transparency and trustworthy with pre-written logic (computer code) attached and also gives us distributed accurate calculations that are self-executing binding contracts.

There are very beneficial benefits for businesses around the world that will store and secure valuable information and run full payments for you from the Blockchain.

We know that the Blockchain is a very powerful and a valid source of information, so when you add smart contracts in place on top of the Blockchain, it will be one of the most advanced technological advancement of our lifetime.

The music industry, mortgages, loans, health care, medical every industry in the world is about to be disrupted because of the Smart Contract concept.

Musicians are a great example, they write and record songs, and then the record label will claim a huge percentage of the profits.

This means Artist may lose the royalties they rightly deserve. Smart Contract concept will allow them to sell their songs, and people will be buying directly from the artist, and they will gain royalties as and when the songs around the world are sold, Via the Blockchain.

This will be an industry game changer for musicians and many other industries around the world.

The Smart Contract will have all the details of the royalties pre-written in, and the Blockchain will execute and verify this sale or play of the song straight to the artist.

Ethereum also has joined forces with Microsoft for Blockchain developments which will now be a huge player in the space of Blockchain Technology.

Ethereum is really moving in the right direction so I highly advise you take a serious look further into this platform as experts are saying the price will increase far greater here than what Bitcoin has achieved. This is the most advanced Blockchain platform on the market, It is a world computer that will act as the next internet, It is simply mind blowing what has been created here by genius Vitalik Buterin.

Ethereum is designed as a world computer that will act as the next internet, It is simply mind blowing what has been created here by genius Vitalik Buterin.

I advise you purchase as much as you can afford, as the price is about to explode.


Dash allows instant transactions but is entirely anonymous which allows for low fees with a peer to peer system and only 22 Million coins in supply and this could be a player in the space,  it really has grown in value over the last few months.

In my opinion, Dash is just getting started So it might be worth considering and adding to your portfolio

Use Dash to make instant, private payments online or in-store using our secure open-source platform hosted by thousands of users around the world.

At Dash’s core is a unique fully-incentivized peer-to-peer network. Miners are rewarded for securing the blockchain and masternodes are rewarded for validating, storing and serving the blockchain to users.

Masternodes represent a new layer of network servers that work in highly secure clusters called quorums to provide a variety of decentralised services, like instant transactions, privacy and governance, while eliminating the threat of low-cost network attacks.


Bitcoin is the grandfather of Cryptocurrency and is the most well-known around the world for now. Bitcoin was the first mover in the space, and if you look back over history, the first mover in any technology hardly ever stays in a dominant position, but I am not sure it has enough to be a reserve Cryptocurrency.

it really is gaining a lot of attention right now is the media darling and always in the spotlight. The price continues to skyrocket as the demand becomes stronger and people become more aware of the concept.

However, there are some flaws that are holding Bitcoin back from really dominating the race in a few years time I see other coins surpassing Bitcoin, technology and price wise too.

Here is why –
There have been some cases of hours in delay for your transaction to process on the Blockchain.

Here are just a few small facts that will also show why it may or may not become the people’s choice in the next few years?

– There is Only 21 million coins are available.
That is not enough to become a Global Reserve Currency

– Bitcoin only has a few hundred thousand stores accepting the currency in 2016

-Bitcoin is limited and not the easiest to use

– Bitcoin has no education to help people understand the concept of how it works

-The blockchain is very limited and slowing down operations.

Bitcoin will be a huge contender no matter what my views are on the technology, so If you were to own one Bitcoin for future use, you have a tremendous potential for huge profit. Do NOT dismiss this coin.



Monero is a secure, private, untraceable currency. It is open-source and freely available to all. With Monero, you are your own bank. Only you control and are responsible for your funds, and your accounts and transactions are kept private from prying eyes.

The fastest way to start using Monero is with a web account manager such as MyMonero.

Alternatively, if you would like to run a full Monero node you can download the client and a kick-starter blockchain (to bring your local client up to speed) using the download link on the right.



Golem is a global, open sourced, decentralised supercomputer that anyone can access. It’s made up of the combined power of user’s machines, from personal laptops to entire data centres.

Anyone will be able to use Golem to computer (almost) any program you can think of, from rendering to research to running websites, in a completely decentralised & inexpensive way.

The Golem Network is a decentralised sharing economy of computing power, where anyone can make money ‘renting’ out their computing power or developing & selling software.

I hope this brief overview of the Cryptocurrency industry finds you well and helps you to make an informed decision and start your journey today. If you would like to further your education and make the correct decision, please get back to the person who showed you this post.

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How to purchase Cryptocurrecy – Bitcoin or Ethereum on Coinbase

Coinbase is one the best platforms out there to purchase Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin & Ethereum.  

If you are looking to attain Cryptocurrency to add to your portfolio This is a great platform to start your journey. It is very easy to use and purchase Your digital currency.

It is very easy to use and purchase Your digital currency through the Coinbase exchange.

  1. Go to
  2. Click sign up & Register your account by filling in the sign-up form
  3. You will need your passport or proof of ID ready, Follow all instructions carefully
  4. You can set up 2 step verification for added security – (I highly advise you do this it is your money at the end of the day)
  5. Go to account and you can add your Credit Card and or Bank to your account.
  6. Credit Card is the easiest option and you can purchase $500 a day of the currency you chose
  7. Once you have purchased the desired coin, your currency will be added to your wallet
  8. Purchase as much as you can afford

Here is a brilliant video explaining all this for you so you can follow along with the video which was produced by the Project Ethereum group.


Hope this video helps you purchase Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and you start your journey with more ease.  and you get

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How to purchase Ethereum Via Bitpanda

So many people are asking how to purchase Ethereum so they can catch the wave and be part of this incredible concept that is probably one of the most advanced Technologies this world may ever see. I will do another training on Ethereum soon. Keep an eye out for that. For now, I would like to just show you how easy it is to purchase Ethereum Via the Bitpanda Exchange

  1. Log in to Bitpanda –
  2. Verify your account with passport/id. ( follow instructions on screen)
  3. Click BUY button at top of screen
  4. Choose Ethereum ( or other coins if you wish too)
  5. Chose payment method best for you
  6. Enter your Ethereum address,  You can get one at Coinbase – (Download the app or go to website
  7. Go to accounts in Coinbase and chose your Ethereum wallet – Address found in top right corner
  8. Copy the code it will look like this –   0x345130DF8A5eA204A2338951be165e49124A2CA2   Make sure you copy it exact or you may lose your Ethereum
  9. Confirm payment
  10. Wait for your Ethereum to hit your wallet. (Only takes a few minutes normally)


Here is a video showing you step by step for you to follow along too.


There are many more Exchanges you can use like Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex, Exodus, just to name a few, but this is the easiest process I can show you for beginners who may never have done this before.

I hope you get some value from this and I advise you get as many Ethereum as you possibly can. There is a huge opportunity for you to really benefit from this remarkable technology.


Many Thank

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How To Build Your Network Marketing Business

It is important you know how to build your Network Marketing business in the correct way and follow our proven system.

  1. Start telling your story.

Stories are a key factor in gaining people’s attention t& getting them to start following you on social media. There are four points to telling your story.

There are four points to telling your story.

– Past

– Pain

– Solution

– Future

The four elements of your story when combined can be very impactful.The more you can tell your story the more real you are to people, always be yourself too.

2.  Create curiosity in your social media posts.

You do not want to give away the movie before you start. Get people intrigued in what you are doing especially when you are brand new to the industry. You may want to start some posts by

You may want to start some posts by talking about the freedom it will bring you, how you are earning extra money around your everyday life, and it is not affecting what you currently do. Sell the Lifestyle of being your own boss or your part time business gives your freedom and more time with family etc. Whatever works best for your story.

3. Two Exposures a day

You need to creating two new people interested in your business exposures a day. That means you need to get 2 new people every day watching your video or getting on a 3-way call with your associated expert.

In this industry, you need to imagine that every call is worth #500 to you whether they say YES or NO to joining your business because if you average out your activity to earnings over the year, every person will be worth #500.

Knowing this now how many exposures a day would you make sure you’ve done to see the video or speaking to your upline to build your business.

4.   Activity

The more activity you can complete on a daily basis, the more confident you become, The more confident you become, the more action you take, The More action you take, the more results you will see, which leads to creating the lifestyle.

Once you have the lifestyle, you can then talk about that on your posts.

This is just one cycle that gets more exciting as you go and tell your story, create the curiosity and take action.

5.  The system you need to follow

When you are about to approach a prospect follow this easy to copy 5 step system,

1)  Peak interest

2) Show the 15 min video

3) 3 – way call

4) Get your prospect on our daily Zoom call

5) Follow-up

Here is the full training so you can get all the details and discover the final steps you need to build your business