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Live interview for the Digicoin Millionaire show –

Learn about Crypto Currency with Experts Tom McMurrain & Joby Boughey live interview.

Tom – What attracted you to the digital currency industry

Joby – I heard about Bitcoin a few years ago and didn’t think much of it i then realised i missed probably the biggest opportunity of my life.

Then when One coin came along i new had a second chance to be part of the evolution and something that really is changing the world for ever and what i like most is its not part of the banking system and we can control our own money.

Tom – How are you gaining knowledge about the digital currency industry

Joby – I am a crypto currency enthusiasts now and every single day i watch at least 1 video, i read as many reports as i can and when ever i get spare time i am learning about the crypto industry . You Tube is a great source i love watching Andreas Antonpoulos and coin desk newsletter is great too. Tom – How are you building your business?

joby – i am building my business mainly with our 3 step system that we use here in One coin its so easy and simple to set up . i love it.

i record a lot of videos too that will help educate people on our business and the crypto currency industry. I think its really important to to be able to help as many people as we can with a education and understanding system. it really does make a difference

i also do a lot of paid traffic and have a great system i use with my team to help hem duplicate and build generations in there first 20 days . Tom – Why OneCoin?

Joby – Well as soon as i see one coin it blew my mind. When i join a company i always look at management, is the product made for profit, can i & my team make good commissions.

Well as soon as i see Dr Ruja Ignatova CV i was like this woman knows what she is doing and had so much integrity `& so much credibility , you don’t normally see that in many owners.

Then i looked at the business model and in all my years i have never seen a business model this good . One Coin have everything in place for what looks like the next 15 years ahead. with the future of merchants joining , master card , and the arum gold coin for next phase we have a very bright future ahead.

During the interview we talked about the pain most people have – DEBT – we want to help them – we want to offer a solution and help people get started and grow real Net Worth and solve all money problems.

We want to emphasize the easy to use 3 step online system – the fact that we do not have to do hotel meetings and chase people – we have lead generation systems – it is a real business that can truly change your life if you want it to!!

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