Network Marketing Training – Build your Business With Text Messaging

The way we communicate is entirely different now to how it used to be ten or fifteen years ago.Text messaging has changed the industry of Network Marketing.

Text messaging has changed the industry of Network Marketing.

People have changed the game and the industry by now inviting people via a text rather than a phone call.

New members of any organization may get scared of being on the phones and or may say the wrong thing if not guided correctly.

This is an easy way to build your business fast.

This is how powerful it is if you ring 100 people only 20 may answer or reply ONLY.

If you send 100 texts, you will get 80 Replies.

What is a better way to build your business Phone calls or TEXT ??

All you have to do is ask; if your friend is free for a coffee

Are you free for a coffee?

What is your schedule like next week, fancy a catch-up?

Fancy having Breakfast/lunch/dinner?

It is very easy so keep it simple, and less you say the better.


To get the full training watch this video


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Network Marketing Training – Haylee Pierce Stutley

Friday night live Network Marketing Training with Haylee Pierce Stutley who is a huge rising star in the industry and who is building teams all over the world.

Haylee is actually creating momentum in her team & is just a bundle of joy and a real go getter & this is one of the best interviews I have had the pleasure of hosting in a while, so you are in for a treat with her contagious energy

This is one of the best interviews I have had the pleasure of hosting in a while, so you are in for a treat.

Her brand is the Cryptomumma as she has 3 kids and is building a huge business.

Haylee is definitely someone you want to follow as she gives massive amounts of value and her knowledge is second to this interview.

In this interview, you will discover how she is building her business, and you will get a real insight into the daily method of operation.

This is a must watch for any Network Marketer & we hope you enjoy the training. If you do, please like & share the video with your teams.

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How To Build a Successful Business

The Crypto Pro’s Live Friday Night Training Session with Bobby Sagar & John Pankanin.

Our training sessions each week’s primary focus is to help you build your business and expand your life. We believe that education is key to success and you can not grow your empire unless you know what you are doing and how to do it.

Only you can make it happen and follow the training provided then implement that into your life and business.

On this very special training, we were joined by industry legends Bobby Sagar & John Pankanin who both have vast experience and knowledge with years of experience in growing a very successful business.

Bobby Starts the training session with a real insight as into what it takes to build you and your business with 5 Key steps to creating your business plan to get started and create success in your business.

Self Motivation is the core factor in any business and personal growth you must be accountable for your actions.

John Pankanin then joined the training to showcase the DigiCoinPro marketing system which is a personalised presentation for you to educate your prospects on a professional system that does the training, Explaining ^ Enrolling for you.

There is nothing like this out there, and with bobby’s training incorporated into this system it is  “THE HOW TO ”

When you have the training and the tools with the correct information, it can change your life in many ways and take you in any direction you wish to take it!!

The TIME is now and up to YOU and only YOU

We wish you all the success in the world and looking forward to hearing about your success. Here is the full training session:


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The Crypto Pro’s Live with Bobby Sagar

Bobby Sagar Live Friday Night Show with The System Education Training into Network Marketing and Running a successful Business. 


Bobby Sagar is a living industry legend and it is a great honour for me to have connected with him and now conduct this training with such a knowledgeable guy.

This was one of the best training’s we have had so far and bobby took us back to basics on how to run your business, set appointments, follow up and plan and structure your business in such a way it would be hard to fail.

This is serious training for any business owner and when you have someone of Bobby’s statue training you really know you are going to learn a lot and this training could be priceless to your life and business for many years to come.

This all begins with YOU and having self-motivation into your business. You are looking for leaders to join your business and to do this; you must work the numbers. You need to create a list of 200 + people.

All you need is 2-4 big leaders, and that could change your life forever, but you need to sort through the numbers and find the leaders first. You can do that by setting assignments and find the people that follow instructions and get things done. This is an easy way to find out who you want to run within, your business, after all we are in the recruiting business.

So how do you find leaders well you need to start taking massive action and start sorting through your leads? You need to strike interest and create curiosity peak their interest with a set of questions, then ask If I would send you some Information can you have a look at it in next hour to two hours for me.

You want to create urgency and If I wouldYou? Is a very powerful message you are stating I would do something to the person, so would you.

Always set up the next meeting on the phone, never get off to appointment is set and then confirm the appointment, get them to set it. They are making the appointment and confirming it.

Showing the plan is key to success, whoever shows the most presentations will have the biggest cheques. Use the tool provided to show the business get everyone on a neutral ground.

Your skill set in Network Marketing or any business is very important, perfect your pitch and master your craft get the skills tightened this will help you along the way especially when it comes to getting a decision on the business.

Third party edification on a three-way call is the most underused tool in our business and if done correctly will explode your business. Always edify the expert coming on because the prospect trusts you but may not believe you. They will believe the expert, and social proof is very powerful.

All you have to do is just TWO exposures each day to create momentum in your business. Recruit, Recruit, Recruit & look for leaders is key to this business.

You must have a structure to your business and know when your business is opening and what you need to do, create a plan and work the plan. Then Review what you have done and track your results be accountable for your resuls.

Here is the full training for you to go over and learn from one of the best Mr Bobby Sagar.


Many thanks from us and our special guest bobby Sagar.

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