China can not ban Bitcoin

The Chinese Government caused a huge stir in the Bitcoin world over the last few weeks. Uncertainty was in the air and people did not know what was going to happen in the Cryptocurrency world over in the Chinese community.

In this blog I want to show you why China can not ban Bitcoin!!

People in China love a money game and love investing into projects with big money,. They really do get excited from gambling and earning fast returns.

So my question is did the criminal world play on the fact that they know so many people would invest into “So called ICO’s “?

So many people were joining these fake ICO’s and getting scammed the government stepped in and put a stop to the all of the fake shenanigans that were accoutring on a regular basis.

I actually think this was a good step by them to stop all the fake money games that were created just to cheap people.

Then in another bombshell that caused major panic & was announced that the Bitcoin exchanges could be banned and stopped, this news crashed the market for a period of time, but bitcoin community stood strong & is far to powerful to ever be shut down and you can not stop something that can’t be stopped!!

Bitcoin is a decentralised peer to peer network that is run by millions of computers all over the world.

The only way you can stop it is by turning off the internet!!

China may be playing a game too, have you ever thought what if they did this on purpose, what if they are a big player in this too?

Did they cause a panic in the market on purpose?

Do they have their hand in the market too?

This question is yet to be answered and only time can tell??

Bitcoin can not be banned though as it is a totally decentralised network, so there is no office to shut down, central body to attack, power chord to pull out of the wall, it is powered by the network all over the world..

This is what makes this such a powerful concept, the people have the power back

China actually tried to ban Bitcoin back in 2012 and failed, now this attempt which really just looks all about control in my opinion.

No matter what happens they can not ban Bitcoin!!

The biggest mining farms in the world are based in China & it was never mentioned that they would be shut down as well. Which is odd considering most of the volume comes from there!!

Here is a great interview with the Dollar Vigilante -Jeff Berwick explaining why Bitcoin can not be banned.

What are your thoughts on this situation in China?

Please leave us your comments below.


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