What is Ripple and how does it work

The banking industry is old, dated,and in desperate need for an uplift. It has been many generations since last happened until now, welcome to Ripple.

Probably one of the most innovative Cryptocurrencies in the industry today. They are not just focused on disrupting the banks but actually the only platform that see a gap in the market to help the banks and to offer real time cross border payments within the banking infrastructure.

Banking transactions are usually proceed in four days, now Ripple can execute banking transactions in 5-10 seconds.

Ripple is about to disrupt the banking & payment systems!

XRP is the one that is really turning the heads of market watchers and financial institutions.

Yet, like all digital assets, XRP is often a source of confusion, mystery and speculation. So, let’s clear the picture with a few things you need to know about Ripple – XRP.

  1. XRP is the only digital asset specifically designed for financial institutions and payment providers
  2. It acts as a bridge between fiat currencies
  3. XRP enables faster, cheaper and more reliable cross-border payments
  4. It is part of an overall network solution for faster cross-border payments
  5. XRP operates at a scale and speed far greater than Bitcoin
  6. It is secure
  7. XRP is more sustainable than mined digital assets, like Bitcoin


Huffington Post Talked with Stefan Thomas, Chief Technology Officer at Ripple to get a more in depth view about the Cryptocurrency Ripple XRP.

•Ripple isn’t creating any other cryptocurrencies or proprietary coins for banks. XRP is it. That means that Ripple success directly equals XRP success.

•XRP will soon be more decentralized than even Bitcoin. Thomas recently wrote a blog post explaining how.

•Not only is there a finite amount of XRP — just as with Bitcoin — XRP is actually a deflationary cryptocurrency, which means that a tiny amount of XRP is permanently shredded after each transaction. It’s the opposite of unlimited supply. As time goes on, the supply of Bitcoin remains the same while the supply of XRP will actually shrink, making it even more valuable with each passing day.

•What about the fact Ripple owns about 60 billion of the 100 billion available XRP tokens? Ripple just announced they are putting 88% of those tokens they own into escrow smart contracts for a period of at least four-and-a-half years. The structure of it means no one has to worry about Ripple flooding the market by selling their own XRP holdings. The fact that they are putting them into smart contracts means they can’t renege on that later even if they wanted to.

The biggest news here is that Ripple is “all in” on XRP. Previously it was believed they would sideline XRP and pursue other coins with banks. Thomas says that’s not the case.

Will XRP volatility scare off banks from using it?

It’s a great question, but here’s why it doesn’t make a difference. If a Bank A buys one million XRP and it takes ten seconds to transfer to Bank B, and during those ten seconds the price of XRP goes down by just one tenth of a penny, that’s $1,000 USD that evaporated during the transfer.

The time that banks are exposed to XRP during a transaction can be quite short. It can be on the order of five to 10 seconds. So the amount of volatility during such a short time period, even for a very volatile asset, is actually not that bad,” explains Thomas. “You can also rely on third-party liquidity providers to take on that risk. And those kinds of companies are actually very interested in taking on these kinds of risk to make a profit and they’re very comfortable with that risk.” This doesn’t work with Bitcoin because with Bitcoin you might be exposed to volatility over an hour, which is very different than volatility over ten seconds with XRP.

Ripple is leaps and bounds more developed than other coins

“It took us many years to come to a compelling, real use case for XRP.” Thomas explained there’s a lot of coins out there today with very vague use cases that people are buying up all over the place. It’s clear that XRP is leaps and bounds ahead of almost all of them in direction, vision, and implementation. Nearly all coins up to this point are conceptual, where XRP already has real-world traction.

Ripple (XRP) vs. Bitcoin (BTC)

Ripple is an enterprise solution cryptocurrency. “XRP was designed for banks from day one,” says Thomas. He explains that Bitcoin isn’t really suitable for enterprise use and that Bitcoin was designed to exist despite government, rather than in harmony with government. And that harmony is another reason why Ripple could succeed in a big way.

XRP can also process much greater volume. Bitcoin can process up to seven transactions per second at the current limit, while XRP today can process over 1,000 transactions per second. That’s a huge difference in scalability as volume of transactions increase and more people start moving their money using digital currency.


XRP takes an average of 3.7 seconds to transact, while Bitcoin averages two hours. That’s on par with the maximum throughput delivered by Visa, the world’s highest volume payment processor.

Consider this if you think XRP has an over inflated market cap: the global foreign exchange market does $5.7 trillion per day in fiat transactions. The size of XRP today, despite its tremendous growth, amounts to a “rounding error” in the scope of its market potential. XRP’s current growth is big, but it’s not even a 100th of what it can become.

Ripple is moving fast and becoming more credible each day, so much so that even the Federal Reserve are backing them and are telling banks to use Ripple XRP because of their fast and innovative technology.

Ripple are also hosting a three day event in Canada in mid October called Swell, which bring Ripple together with its foremost thinkers and leaders in the banking and blockchain industry. These partners are committed to changing the way the world moves money today.

Swell is attracting a roster of payments experts and industry luminaries to discuss trends, success stories of blockchain implementations and real-world blockchain use cases to meet changing customer demands for global payments.

Ripple have invited the ex head of the Federal Reserve DR Ben Bernanke & the inventor of the World Wide Web Sir Tim Berners – Lee and best selling author of the book Blockchain Revolution Don Tapscott speak over the 3 day event in Toronto.

The seriousness of this event has had a huge build up and to have these kind of speakers confirmed tells me there is some big news coming with Ripple XRP .

Now might be a very good time for you to start researching this platform yourself in much more detail because I truly believe this will be one of the biggest players in the market place.

– Real time bank cross border settlements

– Scalability beyond any other Cryptocurrency for payments

– Instant transactions

– Any currency to any currency

– Over 90 banks signed contracts to use Ripple XRP already

– Faster transactions than any other Cryptocurrency 1000+ transactions a second

– Offers liquidity for banks

– Currency supply will get smaller so value will increase higher

You can also learn more about Ripple here in another blog I put together a couple of months ago –

What is Ripple & will it be the next big Cryptocurrency?


Please do your own research, we offer no investment advise, nor am I affiliated to Ripple in any way.

What’s your thoughts on Ripple XRP?

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China can not ban Bitcoin

The Chinese Government caused a huge stir in the Bitcoin world over the last few weeks. Uncertainty was in the air and people did not know what was going to happen in the Cryptocurrency world over in the Chinese community.

In this blog I want to show you why China can not ban Bitcoin!!

People in China love a money game and love investing into projects with big money,. They really do get excited from gambling and earning fast returns.

So my question is did the criminal world play on the fact that they know so many people would invest into “So called ICO’s “?

So many people were joining these fake ICO’s and getting scammed the government stepped in and put a stop to the all of the fake shenanigans that were accoutring on a regular basis.

I actually think this was a good step by them to stop all the fake money games that were created just to cheap people.

Then in another bombshell that caused major panic & was announced that the Bitcoin exchanges could be banned and stopped, this news crashed the market for a period of time, but bitcoin community stood strong & is far to powerful to ever be shut down and you can not stop something that can’t be stopped!!

Bitcoin is a decentralised peer to peer network that is run by millions of computers all over the world.

The only way you can stop it is by turning off the internet!!

China may be playing a game too, have you ever thought what if they did this on purpose, what if they are a big player in this too?

Did they cause a panic in the market on purpose?

Do they have their hand in the market too?

This question is yet to be answered and only time can tell??

Bitcoin can not be banned though as it is a totally decentralised network, so there is no office to shut down, central body to attack, power chord to pull out of the wall, it is powered by the network all over the world..

This is what makes this such a powerful concept, the people have the power back

China actually tried to ban Bitcoin back in 2012 and failed, now this attempt which really just looks all about control in my opinion.

No matter what happens they can not ban Bitcoin!!

The biggest mining farms in the world are based in China & it was never mentioned that they would be shut down as well. Which is odd considering most of the volume comes from there!!

Here is a great interview with the Dollar Vigilante -Jeff Berwick explaining why Bitcoin can not be banned.

What are your thoughts on this situation in China?

Please leave us your comments below.


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What are the best exchanges to purchase Bitcoin-Ethereum-Litecoin Ripple – pt1

As the Cryptocurrency industry evolves many exchanges are now popping up every day all over the world. So in this blog I want to show you what are the best ones for you to purchase your Bitcoins,Ethereum,Litecoin & Ripple and many other coins from?

I know it can be a midfield of information out there especially when you start diving down the rabbit holes of The Crypto world. So the first question you are probably asking yourself is where do I start ?

Here are six of my favourite exchanges that are easy to use, safe and secure and a great way to start purchasing your coins.

(This is part 1 and the more advanced exchanges will be in part 2)


For ease and one of the most established platforms is – http://www.coinbase.com

Coinbase is the world’s largest Bitcoin broker, available in the United States, UK, Canada, Singapore, and most of Europe.

Customers can buy bitcoin with a connected bank account, credit/debit card, SEPA transfer, Interac Online, iDEAL, and many more payment methods depending on location.


• High liquidity and buying limits

• Easy way for new users to buy bitcoin

• Instant buy available with credit card as backup


• Limited payment methods

• May track how its users spend bitcoin

• Slow processing times due to high demand

• High fees

Is Coinbase safe?

Coinbase is the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange, so this is a common question.

Yes, Coinbase is a Bitcoin company based in San Francisco, and backed by trusted investors.

Coinbase is the world’s largest Bitcoin broker, and also offers an exchange, wallet, and developer API.

On this page we’ll review Coinbase and its brokerage, exchange, and wallet.

How Does Coinbase Work?

Coinbase’s simple interface aims to make it easy for first-time buyers to purchase bitcoins.

The most popular payment methods for Coinbase customers are buying with a credit card or debit card, and also using a bank transfer.

There’s a full guide at the bottom of this post that shows you how to buy on Coinbase using a credit card.

You can read more about it here – https://thecryptoproezine.com/2017/05/29/how-to-purchase-cryptocurrecy-bitcoin-or-ethereum-on-coinbase/


BitPanda is a Bitcoin broker based in Austria. It offers a wide range of payment methods and has good prices.Credit card is the most popular payment method on Bitpanda.

Bitpanda offers high security with strict KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER POLICIES. I really like this it is easy to use and offers a wide range of payment methods;

Payment Methods Accepted

BitPanda has a large selection of payment methods:

• SOFORT Transfer

• Visa/Mastercard Debit or Credit Card


• Skrill


• SEPA Transfer


Supported Countries

BitPanda supports all European countries. Customers from the USA cannot use BitPanda.

Limits & Liquidity

BitPanda offers different levels of verification based on how much information you give them.

Verified Email: With a verified email you cannot buy bitcoins, but can sell up to 1,000 EUR worth of bitcoins per day, and up to 7,500 EUR per month.

Verified Phone Number:

With a verified mobile phone number you can buy bitcoins with any payment methods besides credit card. Using the other payment methods, you can buy up to 50 EUR per day.

Verified ID: By verifying your ID you can buy bitcoins with a credit card, up to 350 EUR per day and up to 10,000 per month. For other payment methods, you can buy up to 5,000 EUR worth of bitcoins per day, and up to 75,000 EUR per month.


Most of BitPanda’s payment methods are instant so your bitcoins will also be delivered near instantly.

Credit/debit card buys, plus SOFORT, NETELLER, EPS or OBT buys will deliver bitcoins to your wallet almost right away. SEPA transfers take about a day to complete which means it will take about that long for the bitcoins to arrive to your wallet.


BitPanda was previously named Coinimal and was founded in October 2014. The company won a startup award in October 2016 and has been a trusted company in the Bitcoin space since its launch.


BitPanda has low fees although they are not displayed publically on the website. The fees are instead included in your buy price when you checkout to buy or sell bitcoins.


LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange. Buyers and sellers agree on trade terms, and LocalBitcoins makes sure the trade goes through with no problems for both parties. LocalBitcoins is considered a good way to buy bitcoins privately or with cash.

LocalBitcoins is a global Bitcoin exchange that gives a lot of options to its users.

Before getting into the details, here are some good and bad things to know about LocalBitcoins:


• LocalBitcoins is one of the most private ways to purchase bitcoins

• In some countries it is the only way to buy bitcoins

• It allows you to buy bitcoins with many payment methods


• There are many scams and you need to use caution

• Fees can be slightly high when buying with cash, since many people are willing to pay extra for the privacy LocalBitcoins offers

The difference between Local Bitcoins and most exchanges is that LocalBitcoins does not require personal information when making good trades.

Unlike other exchanges, which require ID verification and personal information, Local Bitcoins allows you to buy bitcoin without connecting your name to the bitcoin you’re buying.

LocalBitcoins vs Other Cash Exchanges

Although LocalBitcoins allows for ANY payment method, cash deposit is the most popular method. This table compares it so some other cash exchanges.

4. CEX.io

CEX.IO allows for the buying of bitcoins for low fees via credit card. Customers can also purchase for free with bank transfers. CEX.io is available for use in most countries.


• Enables buying bitcoins with credit card for low fees


• Extensive verification process to increase buying limits

CEX.IO also offers users the ability to sell bitcoins to credit or debit cards. The fees for this are as follows:

• 2.9% + $4.99 for USD

• 2.9% + €4.99 for EUR

• 2.9% + 499 RUB for RUB

Bank transfers are not charged fees by CEX.io, but your bank may charge conversion fees on your deposit.

Supported Countries

CEX.IO supports all countries, unless noted below.

The following countries are restricted for credit card purchases: Iceland, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.

The following countries are restricted from buying with bank transfer: Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Liberia, Libya, Guinea, São Tomé and Príncipe, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

US States NOT Supported

Limits & Liquidity

CEX.IO offers four different account levels based on verification provided. Each account type has different buying limits.

Basic: Basic accounts can buy up to $400 worth of bitcoins per day, and up to $2,000 per month. Basic accounts are not able to purchase via bank transfer.

Verified: Verified accounts can purchase up to $10,000 worth of bitcoins per day, or up to $100,000 per month via both credit card and bank transfer.

Individual Business & Corporate: Individual Business and Corporate accounts can purchase an unlimited amount of bitcoins.


CEX.IO requires very little information for its first tier of verification. In order to increase limits, however, a number of personal details and document scans are required.

To increase your daily limits to CEX.IO’s “Verified” level, scans of a passport, driver’s license, or ID are required. In addition, a picture of you holding your ID, a picture holding your credit card, and a document for proof of residency are required.


After initial verification, CEX.IO processes most credit card purchases instantly. Upgrading your account to CEX.IO’s “Verified” account type can be a long process, but subsequent purchases are quick.


CEX.IO is a registered company and/or money transmitter in all districts in which it operates. In the USA, it is registered with FinCEN, and registered with ICO in the UK and EU.


Fees for buying with a credit card are 3.9% + $0.25 per purchase. Purchases made via bank transfer are free.

5. Itbit

itBit is a global Bitcoin exchange licensed with the New York State Department of Financial Services. It also operates a global OTC trading desk.


• OTC trading desk is ideal for buying or selling large blocks of BTC

• Licensed Bitcoin exchange in New York, operates legally in all 50 states


• Limited payment options

Payment Methods Accepted

Payment Method

Funds Available



Wire Transfer

1 day



Traders can funds accounts via wire transfer. itBit charges no deposit fees. Fees charged by your bank may apply.

Supported Countries

itBit supports customers around the globe in most countries. Texas is the only U.S. state not supported.

• Payment Methods Accepted

• Supported Countries

• Limits & Liquidity

• Privacy

• Speed

• Reputation

• Fees

• Customer Support

Limits & Liquidity

itBit provides two services: a global Bitcoin exchange and an OTC trading desk. Neither service limits the amount of bitcoins that can be traded assuming proper verification has been submitted.

itBit’s OTC trading desk trades between 15,000 – 25,000 XBT per month. The average OTC trade size is around ~350 bitcoins and made at or below spot price.

More information on itBit’s OTC trading can be found here.


U.S. residents can complete identity verification using itBit’s Knowledge Based Authentication, which does not require ID scans.

Users outside the United States must provide ID scans and proof of residence documents.


International accounts may take 1-3 days to become verified. US customers may be able to verify faster using itBit’s knowledge-based authentication system.

Deposits made via wire transfer can take anywhere from 1-3 days to arrive depending on your bank.

Purchases can be made instantly once an account has been verified and successfully funded.


itBit was the first Bitcoin exchange to receive a charter from the New York State Department of Financial Services. The charter gives it the ability to operate legally in all 50 U.S. states. As a licensed exchange, itBit is audited regularly and follows all consumer protection laws.


itBit charges just a 0.2% taker fee on its global exchange.

A flat 0.1% fee is charged on the OTC trading desk, but trades are often executed at or below spot price.


BitQuick is a Bitcoin exchange that lets customers buy bitcoins with cash via cash deposit.


• Fast way to purchase bitcoins with cash


• Markup on Bitcoin price can by high at times

Payment Methods Accepted

Buyers using BitQuick can use just one payment method to purchase bitcoins:

Cash deposit.

This means you will go to the bank of a Bitcoin seller and make a cash deposit into their account.

Once the seller sees the deposit in their account they release the bitcoins to you on BitQuick.

Supported Countries

BitQuick operates in 49 US states.

New York is the only state not supported because BitQuick stopped service in New York due to the BitLicense.

• Payment Methods Accepted

• Supported Countries

• BitQuick vs Other Cash Exchanges

• Privacy

• Limits & Liquidity

• Speed

• Reputation

• Fees

• Customer support

Payment Methods Accepted

Buyers using BitQuick can use just one payment method to purchase bitcoins:

Cash deposit.

This means you will go to the bank of a Bitcoin seller and make a cash deposit into their account.

Once the seller sees the deposit in their account they release the bitcoins to you on BitQuick.

Supported Countries

BitQuick operates in 49 US states.

New York is the only state not supported because BitQuick stopped service in New York due to the BitLicense.


BitQuick is not as private as other cash methods like Wall of Coins or LocalBitcoins.

BitQuick requires ID verification for purchases of bitcoin.

Limits & Liquidity

BitQuick lets buyers and sellers agree on trades and enforces no limits.

BitQuick’s buy and sell offers are publically available. You can check the orderbook at anytime.

There are usually many offers for different sized purchases and at many different bank branches.


BitQuick’s goal is to deliver bitcoins to buyers fast. In most cases you can receive your bitcoins within one hour of payment.


BitQuick has established itself as a trusted Bitcoin exchange although it was hacked in March 2016.

The fact that BitQuick shut down until it fully understood the cause of the hack shows that it does care about the security of its customers’ personal information and funds. No customer funds were lost in the hack.


Buyers fees are 2% for cash deposit purchases.

This is somewhat high for cash purchases of bitcoin, but the speed and reliability of BitQuick makes this fee worth paying for some.

If you plan on selling bitcoins, BitQuick is a great platform. You can often sell your coins for higher than market rate, and on top of that BitQuick does not charge sellers any fees.

We hope you find this valuable and helps you purchase bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, dash, Ripple with more ease.

What exchange do you like to use ? Please tell us in the comments.

Many thanks

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Monaco launch their app and registration for their cards.

So a few months ago I wrote a post announcing that the company Monaco are about to launch a very advanced Cryptocurrency card for Bitcoin and Ethereum, You can read that here – https://thecryptoproezine.com/2017/06/21/monaco-visa-card-launched-for-bitcoin-ethereum/

Well we are getting closer to that stage now as Monaco announce that you can now download the app and start ordering your cards which you can do here ORDER YOUR MONACO CARD HERE

Here is what the company have to say about this launch that millions of people are eagerly waiting for –

Monaco Launches Mobile App to Bring Cryptocurrencies to Every Wallet…

The Monaco app allows users to spend bitcoin and ether conveniently in Monaco, the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platform, today announced the launch of the Monaco app, giving consumers a radically simplified way to buy, spend, and earn cryptocurrency cashback on all transactions. Together with the Monaco card that will be rolling out later in September, the platform is based on perfect interbank exchange rates, and enables users to save up to 8 percent on all foreign currency transactions.

“We are pleased to launch the Monaco app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. There was a tremendous amount of work put in by the team into every detail of the app and cards. We hope users will love it as much as we do,” said Kris Marszalek, co-founder and CEO of Monaco.- Monaco is now perfectly positioned to increase the global cryptocurrency user number from its current 5-6 million to 500-600 million. We are revolutionizing the industry and setting the bar incredibly high.”

The cryptocurrency industry is in its nascent stages with up to 6 million unique active users of cryptocurrency wallets, according to a report conducted by Cambridge University. The Monaco platform aims to use this opportunity to address the industry’s reputation for being an opaque, niche market by presenting a simple cryptocurrency financial product with mass market appeal.

About Monaco

Founded in June 2016, Monaco is the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platform allowing users to spend bitcoin and ethereum at perfect interbank exchange rates, saving US$30-40 on every US$500 equivalent spent on foreign currency transactions. Monaco raised over US$26.7 million through one of the most successful Token Sale events to date. The company is headquartered in Switzerland with operations in Hong Kong and Singapore. For more information, please visit www.mona.co.

For press enquiries, please contact:


Monaco Dev Update – Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet, Part 1

Today, Monaco takes a significant step towards its vision of making cryptocurrency available in every wallet as we begin taking reservations for the Monaco card.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Monaco unveiled a full portfolio of five cards today: Midnight Blue (Classic plastic card), Ruby Steel, Space Gray, Rose Gold (Platinum metal cards) and Black (Limited Edition Platinum metal card)

2. All Monaco cards, including Platinum cards will be free: no monthly fees, no annual fees, no shipping fees

3. Monaco Platinum cards come with industry leading 0.75% cryptocurrency cashback on all purchases and US$500,000 travel insurance

4. Monaco Platinum cards will only be available to MCO token holders, who purchase 50 MCO (Ruby Steel card), 500 MCO (Space Gray, Rose Gold cards) and 50,000 MCO (Limited Edition Obsidian Black card) respectively; MCO tokens will be held for a 6 months period, after which users can deposit their tokens back into their Monaco account and continue to use their card fee-free, no strings attached

5. Users can download Monaco app on both iOS & Android to go through a simple three-minute onboarding process and reserve their card starting today

6. Monaco is going for maximum platform growth strategy with no fees for users; that means that even the 1% contributions to asset contract will be paid by Monaco from the interchange revenue and not by the users as it was described in our whitepaper

7. Monaco will be rolled out globally in stages, as each region requires separate issuing capabilities; we remain fully committed to be 100% compliant with local regulations in every market we are targeting – we begin with Asia, followed by Europe (Q4 2017) and North America (2018); first cards are expected to ship end of September, with weekly card shipments gradually increasing from October till the end of the year; we expect demand to massively outpace supply in the first 12 months, so users are encouraged to reserve their cards early

8. Further announcements will be made regarding approvals from card schemes in each of the regions & markets

9. MCO token is going to be spendable at 40m+ merchant locations globally with the Monaco card from day 1; you will be able to convert MCO token to BTC and ETH right from the Monaco app

10. Monaco has a very small quantity of Obsidian Black cards on hand from the original 999 pool and is making those available for contributors who decide to hold 50,000 MCO for 6 months – if you missed out on one during the token sales, this is your last chance to get one.

Finally, a few words regarding what’s next. In early communications during our token sale, we have listed several key milestones to look for as those that will drive value creation for MCO token holders. These were:

• Announcements regarding MCO getting listed on exchanges (particularly in China)

• Monaco app launch

• Card scheme program approvals

• Users receiving & reviewing first cards

From this initial milestone list, we have now delivered on 2 out of 4. We’re looking forward to delivering on the rest. It’s also a good moment to share our thoughts on what will continue driving the growth for Monaco in Q4.

• Europe mass rollout to ~30 countries

• Two new and previously unannounced product features critical to user growth

• Q4 users & transaction numbers

We’d like to thank the community for the overwhelming support we have received so far. We take your feedback and ideas seriously as we continue to build Monaco into a product you’ll love to use and a global brand you trust.

“Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet” – let’s make it happen together!


The Crypto Pro’s look for ward to receiving our card and will keep you updated if any other news comes along.

What are your thoughts on the Monaco card?

Please leave a comment below and like and share if you get value from this post.

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