Germany’s leading food delivery service now accepts Bitcoin

In this post we are going to talk about Germany’s leading food delivery company now accepting Bitcoin.

The world is changing and Digital payments are here to stay. 
Germany’s leading food delivery service who have over 11,000 restaurants are now accepting Bitcoin as payment. 

Lieferando announced this week that it has added bitcoin as a payment option. In addition to having over 11,000 partner restaurants, the company claims to have 3.9 million users and 17.3 million orders with an average order value of €19.68.

The sales are in the millions across Germany using this service.They are dominating the market place & are now leading the charge in their region. The parent company to this business is So the millions of customers who use this service will now see Bitcoin as a payment method .

This will bring huge attention to the Cryptocurrency space & just shows you that this is growing super fast & the future of payments is here. 

Lieferando.has already included information about how to pay with bitcoin on its website. Bitcoin payment is facilitated by Bitpay, just like other brands that accept the cryptocurrency. Users paying with bitcoin will be redirected to Bitpay and back after payment has been made. “The bitcoin amount is always converted according to the current exchange rate of Bitpay,” the site detailed. 

In addition, added, “when paying with bitcoin we do not charge any additional costs.” Paying with credit cards and Paypal, however, will incur a fee of 6%, according to

Bitcoin will now be gaining huge exposure across German with its leading food delivery service which has over 11,000 restaurants on board. This will grow exposure to millions of people and brings huge credibility to Cryptocurrency space. 

Payments are moving to a digital form and and the new money is here to stay. The journey for any Cryptocurrency is really just getting started & if you would like to know the best Ines to buy right now please go to this post I wrote all about the industry

How do you think this will effect the Bitcoin market & would you use this service leave a comment below and let us know what you think? 

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