Cryptocurrencies back on the rise

The last Few days the media made a frenzy of the little dip in price in the Cryptomarkets!!

My inbox has been non stop since, all I could say to everyone is please do not worry!!! STOP PANIKING was and is my message to everyone who wanted to know are the markets safe? 

I knew it was just a dip and today just showed why the cryptomarkets are the most amazing concept since sliced bread. The currencies are too strong to stay in a downturn for long. 

When a currency is a fixed supply and there is a huge demand for the product, it can only go one way & that is back up. There are literally thousands of people joining the Cryptocurrency communities each day. The eco system is in full swing now and you can not stop it. Experts are saying Bitcoin will go to $10,000 a coin or more in the next few years and beyond. 

Ethereum is said and believed to take over the spot as the no 1 public Cryptocurrency in what the industry is calling the flippening. This is where ethereum will overtake Bitcoin and have the biggest market cap in the industry of public coins. ,

 In fact actually ETH Went No 1 on Poloniex today. 


  • Bitcoin  up 
  • Ethereum up 
  • Litecoin up 
  • Ripple up 
  • NEM up 


Hope you get the picture about this industry and just how special it is. Yes it can be a little volitile but it will explode again very soon. There is nothing to panick about, so please do not sell your coins. This industry is an opportunity like no other out there and could potentially change yours and families future forever!! 

Why would you sell your coins now?

If anything when it does take a little dip in value, I always look to BUY MORE!!  


With my knowledge & Knowing the industry it does help to my advantage and the more you get educated about it, the more you will see the opportunities out there and will be able to benefit more too. 

Play it safe, take action, the choice is yours .- 

Disclaimer:  I offer no financial advise or guarantees in anyway, I am not a financial advisor. If you chose to play the markets, you play it at your own risk. 

The Crypto Pro’s


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Author: The Crypto Pro's

We are the Crypto Pro's team educating and training people on Cryptocurrency & the Blockchain Technology. There is about to be a major shift in the world that will impact many lives. This is the biggest invention of our lifetime so far & we want to help you understand how it works and how you can benefit from this too. Cryptocurrency & the Blockchain will change the world as we know it. So take your time to go through the training's and articles we are here to help you all the way.

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