How to grow your network marketing business training and strategy​ session

The Crypto Pro’s Friday Night Live Training Session.  

Every Friday night we hold a live training session to help you grow your Network Marketing Business. Tonight was very special we joined y some huge leaders in the industry. In this episode, we covered  invitation skills i.e –

  • How to speak to someone
  • What to say when making the invite
  • Why you say certain words to get information of our prospect
  • How to use certain language to get an appointment set

We also delved into colour personalities and how knowing the colour chart can help you understand who your prospects are. When you know this you will be able to speak to any prospect with confidence in the right way.

This is a skill for your business that could change everything for you. So please learn this skill and have fun practising to speak and learning to prospect in the correct way.


Here is the colour chart to help you understand how this works too in more detail

colorchart  Please take the time to  study this and learn each colour personality of your prospects.

Here are some other resources for you to help grow your business. –




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