How to build a Network marketing Business pt 3 Jose Gordo

How to build My Network marketing Business pt 3 Jose Gordo.

Jose Gordo really steps up into training on how to build a Network marketing Business. For The other parts please visit

All you need is 5 people .

You need to ask them 2 questions –
1 – Are you ready to work the hrs to work to change your life.
2 – Are you committed o work with me ?

Have 2 teams, slow team & fast team
Those who are committed to working continuously and change your life or the other people to change lives is in my fast team. That is my generals team you will lead people to war it will not be easy but I will guarantee you the sky. if you do what I say your life will change, Yes o no we must work fast. and gain Momentum.

You must be ready to work hard all day and take your life and business to next level. You have 1 chance if you mess up you are in the slow team . 1 opportunity if you fail me you go to slow team.
It is your tragic life, not mine. You must be 101% committed . Your Change is down to you it is your family , bills, and food every day. It is your troubles, not mine. You have to be after me 100% . Do you want to work fast ? No Messing 101% #noexcuses

98% is slow as you will Jose explain here in the video.

If you are one of my generals I will help you and be there for you if you are not my time will not help you anyway. It is really important you take charge and go fast. IF you want to change your life we work hard for 90 days and learn as we go and it will be hard but worth it.

5 people is all you need.
You need to find them to change their lives. If you want to make them Millionaires you have to follow these instructions.

It will not be easy we have to keep putting people in behind us you do not need 50 you only need 5 who have the desire to change your life forever. They will never say no and will lock arms with you to make an empire.

You must get Crazy to make crazy money!!!
Write your list and contact them decide who they are but if your commitment is not 101% because you have to work intensely to make this happen. No time to sleep 90 days to change your life and create Magic. The 5 people are your generals Build deep just 1 of the 5 people if you go 5 levels deep 5×5 all the way down
5, 25, 125 , 625 with one person if everyone gets 5 Generals.

You have 24 hrs to present your 5 generals to your upline . We must sit down and explain the project it must be 24 hrs 5 Generals. We must interview them and explain how it will work in the next 90 days. Explain the business and how you joined the company and tell them the facts of the business

This business will change the world are you in or out?
explain how this will be a revolution you will do this in front of your general. They shut up and say nothing. Keep quiet and let the upline do the explaining.

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